Day 12, #NaBloPoMo – Birthday Plans

26 Days from now, Stella will turn 5. Holy crap.

Last night she told her Dad that she wanted to make a birthday party invitation list, and this was on the table when I got home. It’s so crazy to realize my baby can do stuff like this now! (And yes, there are two Liams and two Stellas on the list, darn popular names.)

I think this year for the first time we are going to rent a play place for a couple of hours. We’ve always done low key parties at the house in the past, but it’s hard because it’s such a small space, and being December, it’s generally too cold for anyone be outside. I’ve been so stressed lately, I figure it will be nice to just order some pizzas, pick up an ice cream cake, and call it good! 😁


  1. How are our babies 5?!? Raegan will get two low key parties this year. We will be in Chicago on her actual birthday so a couple of her old friends will be coming to my parents’ house. When we get back home, we will have a party with her classmates. My house too is small. Renting may not be an option for me. I was hoping to “do” something, but the options are limited, and I’m not a big fan of Chuckie and his pizza.

  2. We just went to a birthday party this morning at a non-home venue. It just makes sense for winter parties. I briefly thought about having Poppy’s next birthday there, but we like hosting things at our house too much and luckily have a big enough place, but there are definitely pros and cons to both!

    How exciting Stella is going to be 5 🙂 Five is a big one for me. It seems like a really big milestone, a big line in the sand between tiny kids and little kids.

  3. Renting space is so easy…. I have never had a more relaxing kid party in my life!

    Have fun planning!

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