Day 19, #NaBloPoMo -Shopping With Kids

It’s either the best idea or the worst idea I’ve had in a long time… 😂


  1. Oh man. Poppy was WILD with that little cart a couple weeks ago, the only time I’ve ever gone to a place with one 🙂 Hope it went well!

  2. Always an interesting time. Our local has these but with a tall pole you can hang onto with a flag at the top (Toby always complains if I toch the pole)- they only have them out in the week days now as were banned in the weekends due to complaints about crazy kids……ekk

  3. I this all the time, albeit only with one kid. I love it!

    1. Harv did totally great! And since it was a novelty at our store, the older people all ooohed and aaahed and loved it. 🙂

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