Day 21, #NaBloPoMo – To the Nines

Living in rural Colorado, it’s not often that we get a chance to dress up. However, exactly 2 months from today, one of my little sisters will be getting married in Ohio. We are used to pretty casual weddings here in Colorado (think outdoors on a mountain top sort of thing), so it’s actually pretty exciting to get to dress up for once! The ceremony will be in a Catholic Church, and the ceremony will be held at an art institute, so we will definitely be getting dressed to the nines.

For this wedding, Stella is the flower girl – a job that she is beyond excited about – and I am the Matron of Honor. The wedding colors are navy blue, silver, and white. My sister will be buying matching shawls and earrings for all of the bridesmaids, and we are all supposed to pick out navy blue, full length, formal gowns to wear.

I am *so* stumped.

There are a million black dresses out there, but navy blue is somehow much harder for me to find (at least in a style I like & feel comfortable in). Right now I have this one hanging in my closet, but I’m not 100% sold on it by any means. It’s okay… but pretty “blah” on me (at least IMO).


I also ordered a couple from Lulu’s last summer, but didn’t keep either of them at the time. The one I really liked is on the left below, but I’m a little worried it’s more royal than navy, even though the description is navy. I also came across these other 2 that look pretty that I’m debating on ordering as well, just to check things out. Ugh, shopping for clothing is so tough for me! Feel free to send links if you have more ideas of where to shop.

That being said, the part I have had zero issues shopping for is the shoes. 🙂 My sister was emailing with all of the bridesmaids about wedding stuff, and she ended up ordering these for herself. Then she loved them so much, she asked if we’d like to all wear the same ones. Um, YES PLEASE. I love them SO, SO, SO much. I’m trying to wear them for an hour here and there to break them in so that they’re ready to let me dance all night in them come January. 🙂silver_heels

As for Stella, my sister found the most gorgeous flower girl gown on a site that allows you to customize the dresses. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago in floor length instead of knee length, both for warmth in a winter wedding and to match the grown up ladies. I’m slightly nervous because the website is down today and it’s a USA/China retailer so it had better not be a scam, but I’m hoping it’s just a fluke and will be working again soon, because isn’t this dress fantastic?!


Once the dress was ordered, Stella of course wanted silver, sparkly heels like her Mom. We came across these shoes last week, and OH MY GOODNESS you should have heard the squeals of excitement that came out of that girl when we saw them. LOL


As for my husband, the one and only suit he owns is a black one we purchased 8.5 years ago for his brother’s wedding. We splurged to have it tailored for him back then, and the darn man hasn’t gained a pound in the past decade so it still fits him really well. That being said, we are thinking it’s time for him to get a new suit because he always feels like he is going to a funeral in his black one. The wedding party will be in grey suits, and we can’t decide if we should go with some sort of grey or something totally different. For those of you who live lives that actually include suits for your men, do you have any recommendations for styles/colors/stores I should be looking at?

When it comes to Harvey…well, we will find a cute little suit for him somewhere I’m sure. Young boys always get thought of last in these situations, right? 🙂


  1. Whenever I’ve needed a dress for something, I’ve ordered 2-3 that I like from and then send back what I don’t want. They always have free shipping and TONS to choose from online. As far as suits go, do you have a Nordstrom Rack that’s not too far? My husband had to get a couple new suits a year or so ago and we were shocked at how much styles had changed from all the ones he owned. The rack usually has some nice suits at reasonable prices. A gray suit would look great with your navy dress:)

    1. Nordstrom’s Rack (or any store like that) would be 6 hours away. *sigh* Might have to make a weekend shopping trip of it!

    2. kaseypowers · · Reply

      I was going to say Nordstrom online too. They have fantastic service and super easy shipping and returns. It’s where I got my formal dress a couple of years ago. I also love the blue on the lower left – maybe send a pic to your sister to find out if it’s an ok color?

  2. VERY fun post! It made me miss your old Stitch Fix posts 🙂 But where’s the pic of you trying the dress on???? I am not a fan of black dresses, so am loving that she chose navy blue. Can’t wait to see you guys all dressed up!

    We used to have a Fancy Nancy flower girl book but sent it to a cousin in Boston for her flower girl debut a couple years ago. You should see if you can find it at the library or something (kind of expensive for a limited-use book.) It’s about her being a flower girl in a non-traditional, non-fancy wedding, but I’m sure Stella would still enjoy it anyway. The Pinkalicious flower girl book sucks IMHO 😉

    1. I’ll text you pics. 🙂

  3. Laura Geminiani · · Reply

    Josie!!! I have one I highly recommend, and I promise it won’t let you down! I went to an event this weekend and bought this special event gown at David’s Bridal, color Navy! I thought what a different color, right? But it looked gorgeous and I received so many compliments. It is so very flattering, too! After stumbling on your blog, and reading your first entry I could not – not recommend!!! Go to Davids Bridal online, this should be the link: select navy blue!

    You will look gorgeous in anything you select!

    1. It’s gorgeous! But I’m worried too flashy? I’ll ask my sis! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I’m all for a charcoal grey suit. Not as “formal” or “funeraly” as black, but can still be just as sharp. As for the shoes, I’m drooling. I haven’t had a reason to wear heels since I was 17 weeks pregnant with C. R would probably sell me to get her hands on those shoes of Stella’s 😀 And for Harvey? I found C’s Easter outfit, a 3 piece with vest and bow tie, on Amazon. I’ve gotten a lot of his “formal” stuff on Amazon. Good luck and I hope you have a blast at the wedding!

  5. Navy one of my all time favourites – esp with a bright pink. Have you looked at ASOS they normally have tonnes of dresses with a lot of variety. Love the shoes am a sucker for bling. Suits for boys – the in colour here is the blues. Although our styles are often a little different to the US so a little hard to say.

  6. Have you thought of Rent the Runway? Beautiful designer dresses that you rent. They send a couple of sizes and they clean the dress when you’re done.
    I’ve never tried it but I know lots of people that have and they loved it.

    1. Ooooh, not a bad idea!

  7. Shannon C. · · Reply

    Ok, so I kinda love the one that you have hanging in your closet?! It is a beautiful shade of navy and I think it would be really pretty on you. Would you consider having it altered to fit you perfectly?
    I also think this could be really pretty on you also.

    I am going to keep looking. Sadly, I love this kind of thing!

  8. Shannon C. · · Reply

    I also second the Rent the Runway suggestion. I have never rented from them before, but my sister and best friend have and they highly recommend! I just looked at their navy full length dress options and there are several that would look amazing on you!

  9. Shannon C. · · Reply

    Love this for you. Maybe it will be included in Black Friday sales!

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