Day 22, #NaBloPoMo – My First Try at Official Therapy

I just got back to my office after my first ever official therapy session, which seems a bid odd to say considering the title of this blog. Ha! Clearly my “cheap version” isn’t quite hacking it anymore… no offense bloggie friends. 😉

Charlie and I actually met for a quick lunch first, which was really nice, and then I walked over to the therapist’s office and we talked (err…I cried) for 90 minutes straight. So far I really like her. I basically just talked and talked and gave her a broad overview of the issues in my life right now, and she gave me a few tips and things to think about and ways to approach conversations with my husband. We are meeting again in a couple of weeks to touch base again.

I had actually also scheduled an appointment with the male therapist in the town 30 minutes away for next Tuesday, but I think I’m going to cancel it for now and stick this out for a bit and see how it goes. It’s super nice to have it be a 2 minute walk from my office, and so far I like her. Fingers crossed that this is the start of me feeling less overwhelmed and sad with my life.

In the meantime, I’m investing in Kleenex.img_3219


  1. Those first days of therapy are the roughest. But i firmly believe it takes a lot of strength to seek help. Doing so is the complete opposite of weakness. Hoping these next few sessions give you new tools for your life toolkit and help you find your footing with all thatis going on.

  2. I have found therapy/counseling to be so helpful. I have gone a few times over the years, for various different reasons, and each time I felt it was time and money well spent.

  3. That quote – BAM!

    McMister and I went twice (maybe three times?) I can’t remember even though it was less than a year ago. But that first time? I. Cried. The. Entire. Time.

    Like the therapist thought something was REALLY wrong with me. Then, at the second, I was already way less outwardly emotional about everything. Not that that’s good or bad, just a very noticeable difference. I definitely still cried a TON. It just wasn’t like literally every single second of the session 😂

    1. I relayed this to Charlie last night when I asked him to go with me to one of these sessions. I told him I was hopeful I wouldn’t cry non-stop at EVERY session. 😉

  4. Good for you for going to see someone. You’ve had a REALLY rough last couple of years. You have a lot to work through. I’m so glad you’re able to see someone; it can be a really cathartic experience. I have been wishing I could start going again, but the idea of finding someone new is so daunting. I know I should just suck it up and do it… maybe reading about your experience will provide the impetus I need.

  5. So glad that you got going on this and that the first visit was a positive experience. You know what else counts as therapy? TRAVEL!!! 😉

    1. It was honestly part of our conversation 😁😁😁

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