Day 25, #NaBloPoMo – Black Friday

As I mentioned the other day, I try really hard to spend my money on experiences and not “things.” Then sometimes adulting rears its ugly head, and you find yourself shopping on Black Friday, not because you want to, but because you’ve put off necessary items for so dang long, and you know you’ll kick yourself if you don’t just do it.


This morning I bought a new computer. My old one completely died last week (like, won’t even turn on), and we HAVE to have a computer for all of the bookkeeping for Charlie’s company. I’m so thankful I had everything backed up on Dropbox and on an external hard drive before it died. Phew! I’m hopeful that this new computer will increase my happiness just because of increase efficiency…you know, once I get all of the programs I need repurchased and installed. *sigh*

Then this afternoon I bought new blackout shades for the guest room. Our old shade broke a year ago, and nearly every single day since we have to literally tie the existing shade up with the broken cord when we work in there (it’s also our office), and then the Nanny unties it to drop the shade when my friends’ kid naps in the afternoon. It’s a total pain in the butt, but I’ve just been dragging my feet on spending $200 for a damn shade. At least we saved 35% so it was $100 off, right?

At any rate, it’s done. Tonight my brother and another friend are coming over, and we plan to play cards and drink and just enjoy ourselves. SO much better than this shopping business. 😉


  1. I bought a convertible car seat for Lyla once on Black Friday, and I think it’s the only thing I’ve ever bought on this weird day 🙂 I bought it online. So, that helped. Practical adulting on the cheap for the win!

  2. I love Black Friday shopping, but only online! I find online shopping very therapeutic, even if I’m just filling my cart and not buying anything. I usually shop online at Gap every Thanksgiving day because it’s always 50% off everything. I got most of my Christmas presents done from that one order, yay! I completely agree with you that experiences are far better than things. I love me some clothes, though. 😀 Anyway, glad you got some essentials, even if it was painful! Xo.

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