Day 26, #NaBloPoMo – Excavator Love

All day every day I listen to my kid babble on about trucks and tractors, school buses and jeeps – basically anything with a motor, he knows the name of and loves. This is such a foreign world to me, but it’s fun to watch him find so much joy in it!



  1. That is a pretty awesome toy!!! Did you all make it?

    1. No, it’s at a friend’s house, and they bought it from somewhere!

  2. When I saw this on fb, I couldn’t even see the picture for its point. I could ONLY focus on the fact that it was nice enough outside for him to be dressed like that 🙂 No-Snow November?

    1. It’s been very weird. The ski resort even had to delay their opening day by a couple of weeks, so they’re just opening for the first time this weekend. We have an inch or two of snow on the ground now, but it’s been unseasonably warm all fall!

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