The Christmas Tree

Last year we never put up our Christmas decorations because we spent the holidays in Arizona at a rental property with my family (and the year before that we were in MN). This year we really wanted to stay home with the kids because Harvey has never actually spent Christmas at our house!

Yesterday we were laying around feeling exhausted and lazy after 2 days of skiing with the kids and throwing a huge birthday party for Stella, but finally in the late afternoon we hauled out the Christmas tree and decorations. Stella literally decorated the entire thing herself and was SO proud of how it turned out. There’s something that warms my heart when I see my kids’ faces reflected in the twinkling lights of our Christmas Tree.img_37961



  1. So pretty and awesome!! Love those two!


  2. Looks perfect! And “pulling out the Christmas tree” cracked me up 🙂


    1. Well it’s fake, so we literally grabbed it from the garage. 😉


  3. That photo is a keeper. May the holiday celebration be a wonderful one.


  4. Sharon Briggs · · Reply

    What a great photo! I let my sons decorate the entire tree themselves this year. They were chomping at the bit to get our (fake) tree up, to the point where they woke me at 6:00 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving to ask if they could do it.

    Christmas is so much more fun when seen through the innocent eyes of children. 🙂


    1. Haha, my kids would have done the same if they had known it was an option! It’s definitely fun to experience the holiday season through their eyes.


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