A Christmas Wish List

Last week Stella’s pre-k class walked down to the post office (12 blocks round trip) to mail their Christmas wish lists to Santa. Here is what Stella asked for… can you decipher it? 🙂



  1. Ava wants the Barbie Camper with a slide too. She has asked for it since November.


    1. My MiL just said it’s 20% with cartwheel at target today, and she has a Red Card so it’s like $60 instead. I guess she might get it now.

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  2. I got it at Target too. Amazon had it for $50 one weekend but I completely missed it.


  3. I’m not totally sure what she wants, but I came over to say that I love her signature at the bottom.

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    1. A Barbie pop-up camper and an Elsa doll from JCPenny 😉


  4. I could read it!


  5. Yup. I read it. Just didn’t get the JC Penny part! Sounds similar to Molly’s except she wants shopkins, Elsa (MORE) and a football.


  6. I was stumped by JC Penney too!!!!


  7. Barbie pop up camper and Elsa from JCP

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