Back on the Mountain

We had such low snowfall numbers in November that our local ski resort actually opened a couple of weeks late for the first time in 15+ years. It finally opened up on Friday the 2nd, and I was able to go up with Harvey for the day. The next day Charlie and I took both kids to the magic carpet (learning area), and then this past Friday I again took Harvey. That day was a total shit show, and thanks to some epic 2 year old tantrums we never actually made it onto the mountain (even after the hour long drive to get there and the fairly timely task of dressing a two year old in ski gear. twice.).

By Sunday I was ready for a break with some friends, so after going to church with the fam, myself and two other girlfriends carpooled up to the mountain together. We got a few hours of riding in together, and even though there are only a few of the lifts currently open on the mountain, we had an absolutely fantastic day together. It’s so nice to be back to doing something active outside, even though it’s cold out!


  1. I thought of you so many times last week while I dressed and undressed the girls for playing in the snow all day. I do not have the patience for that.


    1. LOL, totally, and snow gear is nothing compared to ski gear! (aka, adding impossible to get on ski boots, skis, backpacks, helmets, and goggles)


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