My First Car Accident with the Kids

Last week was a cold & snowy one in my part of Colorado. I had Friday off of work, and it was one of Stella’s classmates 5th birthday party, so away we went to the town 30 miles away for the party. I totally didn’t feel like going because of the weather, but she had her heart set on it and we had errands to run, so eventually I motivated myself enough to get out the door with the kids in tow. Instead of driving my usual 60-65mph, it was more of a 40-45mph kind of drive… annoying, but worth it to keep all of us safe on the shitty roads.

As I pulled into town, we got to the first stoplight where I was going to take a left to go to Target to pick up a small gift for the birthday boy. I waited in the intersection to turn left, let all of the straight cars go through, and during the yellow light, I started to turn left just before it was going to turn red.

Unfortunately, there were 2 trucks a ways back from the stoplight who decided to try to make the light at the same time. The guy who hit us later told me he hadn’t even seen us until it was way too late.

A split second later (or what felt like eons later as it happened in slow motion), his Explorer barreled into my Acadia going probably 45-50mph as he tried to beat the red light.


I braced myself with the steering wheel, let out a 4 letter expletive (which Stella has not let me forget), and around in circles we spun.

THANK GOD the kids were fine. My new car is fucked ($12,500 of damage and counting – we are waiting to find out if it’s going to be totaled out or will be a fix that takes weeks to do *sigh*), and my back isn’t great, but my kids are 100% fine.

This could have been so much worse.


  1. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt!! I hope your back heals up quickly!

  2. I’m sorry that your back is still messed up. It’s amazing what our vehicles are designed to take. When we were kids, someone would have been hurt in an accident like this.

    Honestly, I hope your car is totaled. They never are the same after an accident like this and your resale value will be shot.

    Good luck.

    1. But we only bought it 4 months ago, so we’d probably be upside down on our loan if it’s totaled :/

      1. True, but you may be surprised. I made money on a car that was totalled 30 days after I bought it. It was 1998 and we paid $12,000 and insurance paid us $14,000. We were shocked.

  3. So many people run red lights. All for getting to the final destination a couple of minutes faster.

    I’m very glad you’re okay. I also hope that insurance holds the Explorer driver completely responsible and the cost of your new vehicle is on him.

  4. Omg!!! I’m so glad that u and the family are ok. Sending prayers.

  5. Oh no. I am so sorry. Thank God the kids are fine.
    I just witnessed an accident yesterday and it was awful. A guy in front of me turning and hitting an on coming car. I saw the woman had her eyes closed and the airbag next to her was up but not hers. I still don’t know if she is alright.

  6. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Glad the kids are okay, but how scary and what a hassle!

  7. Ana Covacho · · Reply

    Thanks God you and the kids are fine! I’m very sorry about everything that happened and I hope everything turns on your favor

  8. Ugh, one of my biggest fears! Glad everyone is okay!

  9. Shannon C. · · Reply

    So sorry, Josey. Also, fyi insurance should cover replacing both kids’ seats. Even if you have already repurchased, just keep your receipt and they should reimburse you.

  10. Wow… so sorry to hear this but so glad that you’re all ok! What a scare!

  11. That is so scary. I was in a very similar accident about 6 years ago with a under 2 year old and my 4 month old was at home. We spun and went into a ditch, the guy came over a hill and hit us going 55mph. Thank God we had bruises but ok. I feel Angels were honestly watching over us that day, as our car was totaled and the lady at the salvage place said once she saw the car seats she said a prayer we were all alive. Makes me tear up just to think about it.

    We did replace the car seat base (the baby and car seat were at home thankfully) and my little guy’s seat who was about to turn 2. The van was a brand new company vehicle and it was totaled. $29,000 worth of damage but being a company car we didn’t owe anything on any loan which made a terrible situation slightly better.

    You will be a much more aware driver not just of yourself, but of others as well because you just don’t know. My husband also still has a company car through his work, but I am a SAHM and we don’t take car loans for this reason (among others) and if we do, they are small and paid off in 6 months (like 15K loan on a 32K car) and always buy used because of accidents/and depreciation like 2 years old 30-40,000 miles. Not trying to say what to do, just a thought for if this car is totaled, which as Courtney said I do hope it is for the safety reasons alone of a major crash 🙁

    I am SO glad you are all ok, the most important thing!

    1. Yeah, we bought the car used (1 year old, 20k miles on it). It’s the first new-ish vehicle I have ever bought. For 10 years I was driving a Ford Fusion that was paid off years and years ago, and we just needed more space for kids and gear. This is the first car loan I’ve ever had! I bought a car when I was 18 for $10k and paid cash for it, and I drove that for 8 years until we got the Fusion (which my husband bought before we were married).

      1. That is awesome! I am so sorry this happened once again. I know most important goes without saying you are all ok, but it really sucks for your first newish car that it happened. Hope it all gets sorted out. Hugs

  12. Ugh that is SO scary. I’m so sorry.

  13. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    So scary! I’m glad that everyone is (mostly) okay.

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