WWW – Week 3, 10%

Well, I went a little off the rails last Wednesday – Saturday. There was a lot going on (snowboarding with my brother, the anniversary of my SIL’s death, a friend’s band opening for a local concert, my husband’s hockey tournament, and an overnight 3 hours from home for St. Patty’s Day with an old friend I haven’t seen in ages). It was a fun (long) weekend, but I’ve got to dial those back if I want to get results. For too long I’ve prioritized FOMO with my friends over my health, and I need to stop that. SO, back on track it is. As Autumn Calabrese (one of the Beachbody trainers) says,

If you want to quit starting over, stop giving up.

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9#
Last Week’s Weight: 181.8#
This Week’s Weight: 183.1# (down from a spike high of 185.3#) 


Week 3 Goals / Results:

  • Goal: Work out an average of 30 minutes / day – 210 minutes total
    • Result: 5/7 days (300 minutes total)
      • 3 hours snowboarding
      • 21 Day Fix, 30 minutes (Lower Fix)
      • 20 minutes elliptical
      • 2 walks, but no formal exercise
      • nothing
      • 40 minutes elliptical
      • 21 Day Fix, 30 minutes (Upper Fix)
  • Track my food every day in MFP. You can’t outwork a crappy diet!
    • Meh. Clearly need to work on tracking everything, even when I don’t want to.
      • 114 remaining (2,165 cal)
      • tracked until dinner/drinks (4th anniversary of Jaime dying)
      • tracked until dinner/drinks (girls’ night at a concert)
      • no tracking (traveling for hockey & out for St. Patty’s)
      • no tracking (traveling for hockey & driving home)
      • 366 remaining (1,350 cal)
      • 246 remaining (1,388 cal)
  • Lose 1.5# per week for this first month.
    • Nope. Gained 3.5# by Sunday morning and then lost a couple to get back to a net gain of 1.3# for the week. *sigh* Still down 3.8# in 3 weeks, but that’s hugely frustrating for me.

As usual, you get out what you put in, and I half-assed it this week and it showed. I have 2 weeks until I head to Mexico with my coworkers for a work retreat, and my goal is to be in the 170s when I leave for that trip. That means I need a loss of 3.2# in the next 2 weeks, but I think that’s totally possible if I dial my food in. Because of some personal stuff going on in my family I’m cutting back on alcohol anyway, so this is as good a time as any to really hit it hard. I’ve got this!



  1. It’s so frustrating that it takes so much hard work to lose weight and so little effort to put it back on. Grr. You’re right, though: you know what you need to do, and you’ve got this. 😉

  2. After Easter is when I begin my weight loss program for real. I’ve got about 10kg to lose. Everything is shrinking in proportion – no Xs skin but my body fat is high

    1. I want to add you to my fitness FB group!!!

  3. Right the with you after vacation!

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