WWW – Week 5, 20%

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9#
Last Week’s Weight: 181.9#
This Week’s Weight: 179.5#


My goal was to be in the 170s by today (I leave for a work retreat in Mazatlan early tomorrow morning), and I did it! Honestly, I stood on the scale at 5am when I woke up and saw 180.0# on the dot, so I did a 40 minute workout and re-weighed myself to see a 170s number, but whatever, I’m happy with it. 🙂 5 weeks ago, no way would a 40 minute workout have made a number like that appear! Perseverence is paying off.

I texted the screen shot above to my best friend this morning, and sort of laughed/sighed that 170# used to be my line in the sand (see my very first post from 8.5 years ago on this blog!), and now I was happy just to see a number below 180#. Ah well, small goals add up. I started this journey 7.4# heavier than I am today, and even though I have a ways to go, I’m a heck of a lot happier with my body and habits today than I was 5 weeks ago, and that’s a major NSV!

Week 5 Goals / Results:

  • Exercise Goal: Work out an average of 30 minutes / day – 210 minutes total
    • Result: 6/7 days (340 minutes total)
      • no workout
      • 21 Day Fix, Upper Fix (30 min)
      • 21 Day Fix, Lower Fix (30 min)
      • 3h snowboarding (my final day of the season!)
      • 40 minutes elliptical
      • 21 Day Fix, Cardio Fix (30 minutes)
      • 30 minutes elliptical
  • Nutrition Goal: Track my food every day in MFP. Shoot for 1,500 calories/day max.
    • 7/7, 939 deficit for the week.
      • 132 remaining (1,338)
      • didn’t track
      • 474 remaining (1,532)
      • didn’t track
      • didn’t track (Easter, I totally binged on cheesy potatoes)
      • 63 remaining (1,568)
      • 44 remaining (1,580)
  • Lose 1.5# per week
    • Yep! Down 2.4 (which is more realistically about 2#)

So I didn’t have a great week as far as tracking food goes, but already I can tell I’m being much more conscious about my food choices and portions, even on days when I’m not tracking in MFP. Tonight I leave right after work to drive over 3 mountain passes to stay in a hotel for the night, because our flight out is at 6:40am and my coworkers and I didn’t want to do that drive at 3am! I’ll be in Mexico from Thurs-Mon and back in the office by noon on Tuesday, so I’m really not sure what this week will look like for me food & exercise-wise.

My goal for this vacation is to continue to eat consciously and to get in small workouts if possible. I have no desire to unravel 5 weeks of hard work with 1 week of play. I have 80% of my goal to go! Already people are telling me they can see the weight loss in my face, which makes me SO happy. I’ve got this!


(This photo is in B&W because my poor nose was SO red and sunburned after snowboarding Saturday and sitting outside at my in-law’s house all day Sunday!) 


  1. You always look pretty! 🙂

    You are working hard and seeing results. Good for you!

  2. Congrats! Keep on it!

  3. Look at you! Great work!

    I’ve done the weigh-in after a workout just to get my head in a good place too. I don’t do it often, but I do it when needed.

    Have fun!!!!!

    1. It felt needed today. 🙂 I’ve honestly never done that before!

  4. Well done!!!

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