The Monday Snapshot – #80DO

I’ll be back with my normal WWW posts on Wednesday, but today I started the Beachbody Program named 80 Day Obsession, and I just wanted to put it out here that I am SO excited, nervous, motivated, scared, and determined to do this program! With Day 1 today, that puts me at Day 80 on the Fourth of July, which will be a fun day to celebrate me sticking to a program for an entire 80 days!

I stepped on the scale this morning weighing in at exactly 180# (which the Type-A side of me loves for tracking purposes!). That gives me 30# to go to hit my goal weight, and over the course of #80DO, my goal is to lose 15#.  Since the program is just under 12 weeks long, that’s a totally reasonable goal of 1.3# per week. I am SO EXCITED AND MOTIVATD to hit the 4th of July and only have 15# left to hit my end goal!


Yesterday I spent a bunch of time prepping food for the week (I’m also going to at least give the “timed nutrition” aspect of this program a shot for a few weeks), and it felt great to wake up this morning and know exactly what I was going to eat and when. It takes the guesswork and mindless eating out of the equation, which is key on busy Mondays for me!

Below are my official “before” pictures that I took this morning. Eek!


It has been a long time since I’ve really just felt “all in” about a program. Not gonna lie – this one is a huge commitment – workouts are between 30-60 minutes, with the majority of them hitting the hour mark, but my husband is super supportive of it and my kids like working out with me in the morning, so I’m scheduling it in as part of my day, and this is happening!


  1. Go Jos GO!!! Cheering you on!!

    1. Thanks! Down 6.9# and counting. 🙂

  2. Love that C and the kids are super supportive. 🙂 Which makes sense….if mama ain’t happy ain’t NOBODY happy….. – a phrase I heard about 50 years ago that annoyed me at first, but for some reason I embrace it now…lol. We are all rooting for you. Once we decide to do something, then we have decided until we decide NOT to. You have decided, so just do it. Or as Yoda would say – “Do. Do not. There is no try.” xx

    1. This morning Autumn said, “The body achieves what the mind believes.” It reminded me of what we were talking about the other day. 🙂

  3. That is awesome! I do workouts similar to Beachbody and love them! Go kick some ass!

  4. Ha ha ha! I almost texted you this morning after I got off the scale because I was super excited to have a .0 at the end of my weight! 157.0 – that NEVER happens on a weigh-in day!!!!

    You just reminded me that I forgot to get photos. Gah! Tomorrow!

    I’m excited to see what you think of this. I have a friend finishing up 80-day Obsession in 10 days and she’s really enjoyed it!

    Go get it!

    1. Every person I know who completed it last weekend cried in pride and accomplishment about it. I’m excited!

  5. I have a friend who just completed this. I’m intrigued but it looks so intense! Good luck!

  6. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    I’m interested in what you think of the program. I’m currently working on Week 4 of T25 (Shaun T Beachbody workout) and like it because the workouts are only 25 minutes which makes it easy to fit them in.

    1. These workouts are a longer time commitments than I’ve ever done (40-60 minutes), but so far I totally love it!

  7. You are so brave putting it out there. I need to take before pics but have been too scared – you’ve inspired me to do tomorrow

    1. It inspires me to see how far I’ve come when I take before pics!

  8. I was wondering how your 80 Obsession is going. I just signed up for my first 80 days. I am excited and overwhelmed!

    1. I got 36 days in and then life and travel got in the way. Ended up just running and doing elliptical for 2 weeks, and just got back at it yesterday. I really love the program – just need to always be working more on my nutrition!

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