WWW – Week 9, 27%

Starting Weight (3/1/2018): 186.9#
Last Week’s Weight: 178.0#
This Week’s Weight: 177.2#


This week wasn’t very smooth, even if the overall graph looks pretty with the interim days deleted. (FYI, the greens are my weekly Wednesday weigh-ins that I keep on the graph, plus I keep my weight on the 1st of each month, just for comparison purposes).

So yeah, I didn’t track my food & drink most days, and though I did all of my workouts, if nutrition isn’t on point, the struggle is real. I managed to pull it together and still get a loss though, so I’ll take it! I’m really loving the 80 Day Obsession workouts, and though I was worried about them being longer workouts (usually close to an hour each day), it’s actually not been too bad! I could totally see myself keeping up with these workouts even past the 80 day initial term.

Week 9 Goals / Results:

  • Exercise Goal: Continue with Daily 80 Day Obsession Workouts – DONE!
    • Note – Sunday is a rest & stretching day, and after doing longer workouts all week, I definitely enjoy that down day!
  • Nutrition Goal: Track my food every day in MFP.
    • 2/7, totally failed on this
      • 57 remaining (1,663)
      • Only tracked through lunch (756 calories)
      • Only tracked through breakfast (690 calories)
      • Didn’t track
      • Didn’t track
      • 618 remaining (1,139)
      • Only tracked through breakfast (275 calories)
  • Weight: Lose 1#/week
    • Down 0.8#, so not perfect, but close!

Clearly this is a journey of progress, not perfection. 😉

On that note, since I’m officially 2 months into this journey, I also wanted to document those monthly transformation numbers here! Numbers in parenthesis are the change each month, not overall from the start. I’m consistently losing body fat AND adding muscle mass, all while getting better hydrated and still losing weight overall, which is pretty cool to see. Slow and steady wins the race…

March 1

  • Weight: 186.9#
  • Body Fat: 33.3%
  • Muscle Mass: 28.3%
  • Water Weight: 47.7%
  • BMI: 28.4 (overweight)

April 1

  • Weight: 180.8# (-6.1#)
  • Body Fat: 32.7% (-0.6%)
  • Muscle Mass: 28.5% (+0.2%)
  • Water Weight: 48.1% (+0.4%)
  • BMI: 27.5 (down 0.9, overweight)

May 1

  • Weight: 177.2# (-3.6#)
  • Body Fat: 31.8% (-0.9%)
  • Muscle Mass: 28.9% (0.4%)
  • Water Weight: 48.8% (+0.7%)
  • BMI: 26.9 (down 0.6, overweight)

My long term goal with this journey is to hit 150# again, and if I continue at the 1 pound per week pace, I’ll be there on November 7th. That feels like SO far away, so my interim goals for this summer to keep me motivated are as follows:

  • June 1st: 173# (the day we head to San Diego to see my sis and BIL and meet my new nephew!)
  • July 4th: 168# (the end of my 80 Day Obsession program)
  • July 27th: 164# (the day I leave for MN for family week, and this would officially make me in the “normal weight” BMI category)
  • August 24th: 161# (trip to Santa Barbara for a friend’s wedding!) <– this would be back at my “day I got pregnant” weight, which happened to be 161# with both Stella & Harvey

I honestly feel stronger and leaner and happier every day already, so I cannot wait to see how I’m feeling by summer’s end!



  1. Excellent progress!!!!

    1. Thanks! The mini-goals are a nod to you. I love me some spreadsheets and interim goals almost as much as you!

      1. Yeah, you need those, especially with a long program like 80DO.

        I think you’re doing AWESOME!!!

  2. Amazing! You’re inspiring me – I weighed myself this morning and saw the same number on the scale that you started with a few months ago … ugh … maybe i’ll start a blog up tracking everything. Thanks for putting it all out there and inspiring others 🙂

    p.s. when the heck do you fit the hour long workouts in with a job and 2 kids? that’s the hardest part for me!!

    1. I get up early! Usually up at 5:45, work out from 6-7. The kids get up around 6, but they either work out with me or eat breakfast and Skype with their grandparents while I work out. Then get ready for school/work and head out by 7:45.

  3. How is it going? I have been sending you good thoughts and encouragement. I just decided to start the 80 Day Obsession. I am scared and nervous and overwhelmed!

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