WWW – Week 0, 0%

What is it about a new year that makes it feel exciting to start fresh on a project? 🙂 This year, my project is ME!

I started tracking my food yesterday (even though it was a travel day home from Mexico), and this morning I stepped on the scale at 190.3#. I figure that’s as good a place as any to start on this journey, eh?

As a throwback, I found an old tank top this morning and put it on to take my “before” photo. On the left is me at 9 months postpartum after having my second child (so about 4 years and 30# ago). On the right is me today. Yup, I can definitely tell that I weigh about 10# more than I did at 9 months pregnant! Yikes!

My long time readers may remember that I originally started this blog 9 years ago when I stepped on the scale at 169.6# (reminder – I’m 5’8″) and was trying to get pregnant. I have PCOS and my doctor had told me that losing 10% of my body weight could help me in the TTC process, so I did!
It still took me a couple of more years to get pregnant with help from the specialists, but at least I was healthier and happier during the process. I was able to lose about 20# over 5 months by exercising more and using MyFitnessPal to track my food, and though I’m starting at 20# heavier and have 40# to go this time, I KNOW that I can do it again.

The two big spikes in this chart are my pregnancies with Stella & Harvey. Both times I got back to my pre-preg weight of 161# pretty easily, but it’s during the last 4 years that I’ve really just let myself go. That stops now!

Also, A BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to those of you who reached out with comments and texts after my last post. It’s always a little terrifying to admit how far you’ve fallen, and your words of support mean the world to me! A good college friend of mine commented with 10 things she thinks I rock at, and no joke it made me cry. It’s so interesting to see yourself through someone else’s eyes! I’m posting that on my wall at home to help keep me inspired through this process, so thank you, Elisa. xoxo

So…here we go. I have a digital Weight Gurus scale that I will be using to track my progress, so here are my starting stats as of 1/2/2019.

  • Weight: 190.3# (at 5’8″ tall)
  • BMI: 28.9
  • Muscle – 27.6%
  • Water – 46.6%
  • Fat – 34.7%
  • Bust – 40″
  • Under Bust – 35″
  • Belly (biggest part) – 41″
  • Waist – 35.75″
  • Hips – 46″
  • Thigh – 26.5″
  • Calf – 15.5″
  • Bicep – 12.75″
  • Neck – 14.25″
  • Wrist – 6.25″

My biggest short term #NSV goal right now is to feel comfortable bending over in snowpants to latch into my snowboard again. It is NOT fun right now, and that needs to change.

EEK! I’m so excited to do this and kick some butt! 🙂


  1. It’s hard looking back at photos where I thought I was fat, but now I’d LOVE to look like I did in those photos. Good luck with your goals. It gets harder as you get older, but you’ve got this!!!

    1. Haha, right? I was always in great shape (for me) in the 150s and could maintain in the low 160s without too much trouble (in my 20s) and feel okay about myself. But hitting 190… ouch. I feel and look TIRED now. Time for a change!

      1. Granted, I’m taller than you, but I hit 220 and about cried! So I feel you. And I’m cheering big time for you!!

  2. Go Jos GO!!! I’m rooting for you and using you as my source of inspiration to tackle my health goals this year. You’ve got this lady!!

  3. Shannon · · Reply

    I literally am so very excited to see you are back to posting! You are always an inspiration to me. If anyone can do this, it’s you!

    1. Thanks Shannon! 🙂

  4. I love how willing you are to blog about this journey. You’re on your way and you can totally do this!

  5. Heather · · Reply

    You got this! It’s motivational to see you own up to not being at your best and attacking it head on. I have about 15# to lose and am ready to hit the ground running.

  6. Elisa Barber Filonczuk · · Reply

    This is awesome Jo! I’m so glad you share your journey with others. Inspiring for me and well…..see above;) obviously others! Woot woot!

    I can’t wait to see where this takes you!! You are so much more than a number (I know you know this)!!! Maybe we get a crew together for a health trip somewhere in like a year? I’ll be able to get away from kids at that time and it might be a neat inspiration for us/others. There’s wellness retreats, bootcamps, etc……at a beach haha. I know that for me adding 1 more kid is going to push me into a totally different world. Would love to be able to see the light!

    Cheers to 2019 and you being you! I love you! xoxo

    1. I’d definitely be down for this! Let’s group text with Amy and whomever else and get something on the books. 🙂

      Ps, you’re going to have 2 kids SO SOON! EEK!!!

  7. Woot! You can do it! I’m starting on my own weight loss journey because despite the amount I work out, I’ve put on 15 lbs from meds/drinking/eating/blahblahblah. It’s been a slow creep for me and it’s going to continue if I don’t do something different. I just had to buy bigger clothes this season so I didn’t feel so fat from waistbands pinching my middle. 🙁

    I need an accountability partner for not drinking during the week. Can I bug you via text????

    p.s. perimenopause is a player for me….get your hormones checked!

    1. Yep, I have a few weeks here and there that I don’t work out, but generally I do – it’s really the eating/drinking that is my issue. For sure feel free to reach out via text!

      I just had my hormones checked as part of a food sensitivity screening I did, and all good there (at least per the labs we did).

  8. YOU CAN DO THIS! I’m excited to follow you on your journey. I’m excited you are writing again! I’ve missed you!

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