The Monday Snapshot – Boardgames

This is our life most evenings lately. We have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the kids are catching on to the rules of all of the different games. 🙂

What are your favorite board and card games to play with kids? We are getting suuuuuper burnt out on Candyland and Crazy 8s!


  1. Shannon · · Reply

    So fun! My kids (same ages) love Jenga and Sorry. 🙂

  2. · · Reply

    Jenga, Guess Who, Monopoly, Sorry, Connect Four, Trouble, Twister and Zingo. Lots of game nights here too!

  3. Elisa Barber Filonczuk · · Reply

    Headbanz and Watch Ya Mouth!! Hilarious

  4. Scrabble Jr, Monopoly Jr, UNO Attack

  5. We’ve been enjoying Carcassone since G was 4.

  6. We’ve been playing tons of card games, UNO, Seven-Up, War, stuff like that. We also really like Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble and Connect Four. I love that our kids are old enough to want to play games with us now!! We have loads of fun doing it with them 🙂

  7. Ticket to Ride – Collect sets of cards to lay trains and claim routes. Get the original for a 45 min game or Ticket to Ride: New York for a very lite 15 min version. Great for teaching geography too!
    Kingdomino – A really neat twist on dominos.
    ICECOOL – A very fun penguin-flicking dexterity game.

    All can usually be found in Target or online.

    1. I’ve been playing Ticket to Ride on the app and just realized it’s an actual board game as well. Good idea!

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