WWW – Week 1, 18%

Whoop whoop! The first week of eating mindfully is always such a shock to my system (in a good way). I had a couple of days where I was fairly hungry, but I’m guessing that was mostly because of the sugar cravings and my stomach being used to eating way too much food at a time. I’m feeling fine now and already SO much better having the holiday bloat gone. Now to keep on keeping on… 😉

Starting Weight: 190.3#
New Weight: 186.5#
Weight Loss This Week: 3.8#
Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal on June 1: 17.5#

MFP Progress (i.e. Eating Mindfully!) & Workout Tracking (i.e. Getting my groove on!)

  • Wednesday: 1,249 cal & 30 min. on the AMT
  • Thursday: 1,486 cal & 45 min. on the AMT
  • Friday: 2,134 cal & 30 min. on the AMT (+ drinks with my brother)
  • Saturday: 1,843 cal & 40 min. on the AMT (+ hanging with my husband)
  • Sunday: 1,997 cal & 60 min. on the AMT (+ dinner out with hubby & friends)
  • Monday: 1,344 cal & 30 min. on the AMT
  • Tuesday: 1,434 cal – no workout

A few notes about my food and exercise…

My goal with food right now is to eat mindfully & roughly hit the 40/30/30 mix for macros (carbs/fat/protein). I’m toying with the idea of trying Paleo & cutting down my carbs for awhile, but for now I’m sticking to the mix above and seeing how that works for me. I usually try to be in the 1,200-1,500 mark if I’m not exercising or doing light exercise.

With that being said, my weekly macro breakdown this past week was 35/41/24, which I’m pretty happy with. My fats are always fairly high because I love avocado, nuts, eggs, and cheese, which all are pretty high in fat. I’m eating cheese in moderation though, so most of the fat in my diet is from avocado, nuts, eggs, and the Ghee or EVOO that I’m cooking my food in, and I’m okay with that!

My goal is exercise right now is to do 5 days/week of whatever exercise I happen to do (a walk/run, snowboarding/skiing, Beachbody workouts, or AMT). Eventually I’ll probably create a workout calendar to follow, but for now my #1 focus is food, so doing a mindless workout on the AMT while I watch a TV show is just EASY and a good first step for me.

Speaking of AMT, I now have a Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) that I picked up off a Facebook deal a couple of months ago. My trusty old elliptical bit the dust last fall (literally, it fell apart and broke while I was on it!), and in the winter months I really love having an easy way to get in some cardio without having to risk running in the snow and ice on gravel roads. The AMT is awesome because you can adjust your stride length on the fly to switch between a stair stepper motion, more elliptical type motion, walking, running, etc. It’s pretty cool!

So there ya go, 1 week down, the rest of my life to go! 🙂 It feels good!


  1. You’re off to a great start! Yea!!

  2. Shannon · · Reply

    Way to go! Awesome start! I am detoxing from the holidays this week, too. It’s always amazing to me how much better I feel after just a few days! It pushes me to keep going.

  3. This is a fantastic start! I hear you about the holiday bloat. It’s always good to lose that. Keep up the amazing work!!

  4. Great start!

  5. Amazing! Congrats on a very successful first week!

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