WWW – Week 2, 24%

It’s time for my week 2 check-in! I was a little bit all over the place because of events and then being sick, but I hung in there and did pretty well overall. It’s a process getting back in the habit of eating mindfully and not just grazing and drinking without thought!

Starting Weight: 190.3#
Weight Loss This Week: 1.3#
New Weight: 185.2#
Total Weight Lost: 5.1#
Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal on June 1: 16.2#

MFP Progress (i.e. Eating Mindfully!) & Workout Tracking (i.e. Getting my groove on!)

  • Wednesday: 1,119 cal & 45 min. on the AMT + walk to piano lessons
  • Thursday: Only tracked through lunch – Had an evening event and didn’t track apps/dinner/drinks cals. Gah! Definitely over 2,000 calories for the day. Did do 30 min. on the AMT
  • Friday: 201 cal & sick, I did nothing!
  • Saturday: 1,845 cal & 2.5 hours skiing with a girlfriend!
  • Sunday: 1,551 cal & 40 min. on the AMT
  • Monday: 1,387 cal & 30 min. on the AMT
  • Tuesday: 1,429 cal & 30 min. on the AMT

Macro Breakdown: 31% / 43% / 26%

I’m not eating in a specific way, but I do find myself leaning towards Whole 30 principles and checking for additives, sugars, etc. in my foods. The cleaner I eat the better I feel, which makes total sense.

On that note, I made a double portion of the Skillet Cauliflower “Arroz” con Pollo last night that was bomber – I highly recommend it! I doubled the seasonings (we found it a bit bland the first time I made it a couple of years ago), and next time we will probably add some hot sauce and/or red pepper flakes to it because we are spicy food people, but it really is delicious and so good for you! Both adults and children crushed it, which makes mama happy. 🙂


  1. You’re crushing this! Way to go!


  2. Good for you!


    1. Thanks!


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