The Monday Snapshot – Girlfriends Edition

Growing up, I was mostly friends with guys. Eventually I found a small core of girls who became my long-time friends, but for many years it was mostly me and the guys, really from my teens and all the way through my 20s.

When I moved to Colorado 14 years ago as a 22 year old, I was lucky to fall in with a great crew of friends almost immediately. The perks of being a social person working in the service industry I guess – it was relatively easy to meet people. Over the years that group has shifted time and time again, but there are a few people who have been constants, and the two ladies in this photo are two of them. From being in our twenties and single to being in our thirties and married with kids, we have been friends, and I am SO grateful when we make the time to get together.

6 weeks ago we looked at our calendars, and the first night that worked for all of us was last Saturday, so we literally scheduled it in. We did a fancy dinner followed by drinks at the local bar, finished with a night cap in the hot-tub at my house. Nights like that are so good for my heart and soul!

How about you? Do you have a whole crew or a special few? More guys or gals? I’m curious!

One comment

  1. There is nothing …. I repeat nothing … better than great girlfriends! I’m so glad you have a tribe of amazing women so close by!


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