WWW – Week 9, 39%

Starting Weight: 190.3#
Last week: 181.8#
Weight Loss This Week: +0.2#
New Weight: 182.0#
Total Weight Lost: 8.3#
Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 13.0#

I’ve basically been at a standstill for the past two weeks (or really, the last month), and that’s 100% because of my diet. I’m still only semi-tracking, and it shows. It’s so funny (frustrating) to me to KNOW something works and still have a hard time doing it. I have a history of falling off the wagon and quitting my goals altogether around week 9 though, and I am NOT going to do that this time! On the upside with food, I’ve totally fallen in love with salmon again, and my family likes it as well, so we’ve been eating a lot of salmon and veggies, both for dinner (as a family) and as leftovers for breakfast/lunch.

Random concoction of spinach, salmon, leftover noodles, a dab of greek yogurt, S&P.

On the workout front, I’m getting pretty bored with my AMT and not pushing myself hard enough at it, so I’m trying to start switching things up with my workouts as well. On March 1st a new studio opened in town that is doing mainly hot yoga right now. They are also adding in a cardio class & zumba, so I paid for a one-month membership (intro rate was $30 instead of $100 for unlimited classes), and I’m going to see how I like that. So far I did 2 hot yoga classes in the past week, and it felt great to get back into my practice! I’m not generally a fan of nighttime workouts because of the double showering I end up doing, but it is also helping me to break the cycle of snacking and/or grabbing drinks after work, which helps with those “mindless” calories I consume.

Wed: 2,025 cal (350 over) + 30m AMT
Thurs: no tracking + 45m AMT
Fri: 1,530 cal (150 remaining) + 1 hr hot yoga
Sat: No tracking + 45m AMT
Sun: No tracking, no workout
Mon: 1,349 cal (322 remaining) + 1 hr hot yoga
Tues: 1,319 cal (426 remaining) + 50m AMT

One thing that an hour long workout while looking at yourself in the mirror will do for you is (1) motivate you to not let yourself backslide farther, and (2) remind you of the need for new workout clothes. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a new sports bra, so it was time. On that note, while Stella was at gymnastics last night, I stopped by Marshalls and picked up 3 sports bras, 3 tanks, 2 pants, 1 long sleeved workout shirt for morning runs, and 1 sweater for work. I dropped $140, which isn’t nothing, but it’s also not bad for 10 items! I can’t lie, it was nice to have a new sports bra and cute top and pants on this morning for my workout. 😉

I’m 2 months into this process, and after a great January, February was a bit of a flop for me. I’m looking forward to making more progress in March and getting to share those victories here!


  1. “It’s so funny (frustrating) to me to KNOW something works and still have a hard time doing it.” YES. So much truth here!

    Love the workout clothes! Here’s hoping that they give you a lift and help keep you working toward your goals.

  2. Great job. I am back at working at losing the 4 lbs I gained over the holidays as well. It sure isn’t easy is it???

    1. Nope, but at least we keep at it!

  3. We’re in the same spot. I’m working at this … but not nearly as hard as I could. Getting through the 8-9 week slump is HARD but I’m committed to doing it this time. I really want to succeed this time and it sounds like you do too! Keep at it!! (and your new clothes are super cute! I love a new workout outfit every once in a while!!)

  4. I so know this and am constantly in this spot. Tomorrow is a new day, right?

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