WWW – Weeks 10/11/12, 28%

Whomp whomp… isn’t it funny (and not haha-funny) how easy it is to let go of our best intentions and fall back into old habits? Clearly the month of March was a bust for me. Nothing crazy, but extra calories here and there make a difference for sure in seeing the scale trend in the wrong direction. I’m glad I stepped back on the scale today and then went out for a 3 mile run (my first of the year!) & made a healthy breakfast before work. Back at it again…

Starting Weight: 190.3#
Last week (3 weeks ago!): 182.0#
Weight Gained (over 3 weeks): +2.4#
New Weight: 183.4# –> 184.2# –> 184.4#
Total Weight Lost since 1/1/2019: 5.9#
Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 15.4#

March has honestly been a decent month for me workout-wise at least. In the past 21 days, I did 15 workouts, so still averaging 5 days/week. I did yoga twice, a HIIT workout (Insanity) twice, skiing/snowboarding 3x, 7 days on the AMT, and 1 day of walking. That feels like a really good balance of strength and conditioning and stretching to me!

So it’s back to food, as always. That first week when I didn’t report here, I tracked 3.5 days. The next two weeks I tracked ZERO days, and it shows. I don’t always want to have a relationship with food that is all about numbers, but damn, I am just not good about eating & drinking mindfully if I don’t track. I need accountability in my life, and that is why I post here!

With that being said, here are my goals for the week:

  • Track all 7 days – the good days AND the bad! This is goal #1 – the most important one that I *MUST* stick to this week!
  • Ski at least once
  • Go to yoga at least once
  • Run at least once
  • Do strength training at least once
  • Complete cardio on the AMT at least once


  1. geochick1 · · Reply

    It’s still progress! I fell down big time the last couple of weeks. Emotional eating man…

    1. The breakthrough is worth it, I bet!

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