WWW – Week 13, 40%

Well, a week of tracking clearly makes a big difference! I’m back to my previous low weight since starting this journey (which I initially hit 5 weeks ago), so that’s annoying and great all at the same time.

Starting Weight: 190.3#
Last week: 184.4#
Weight Lost: 2.6#
New Weight: 181.8#
Total Weight Lost since 1/1/2019: 8.5#
Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 12.8

I’m so close to the 170s I can almost feel it. Even writing that feels funny to me since for SO long 170.0# was my “line in the sand” and now I’d be happy to see those numbers on the scale. Ah well, onward and downward!

Post-workout with my daughter! I love when she works out with me and continually says, “This isn’t very challenging, Mom.” LOL

Another good thing is that I hit all of my goals last week! I tracked my food & drink all 7 days (even the ones I didn’t want to – ha!), and I got in a nice variety of workouts. My MFP has my daily calorie goal set at 1,470 cals/day (which based on my current stats is building in a deficit of 750 cals which would equate to 1.5# of weight loss per week), and that number goes up & down based on my activity level that day. Clearly it’s not an exact science, and my weight can vary daily by 1-2# dependent upon what I ate the day before and my level of hydration, but my overall goal is to continue seeing a downward trend, so that’s what I’m working on!

Wed: 551 cal remaining (3 mile run)
Thurs: 321 cals over (30 min. AMT)
Fri: 91 over (60 min. AMT)
Sat: 139 over (2.7 mile run + 1hr hot yoga)
Sun: 450 over (45 min. AMT)
Mon: 750 remaining (3hrs skiing)
Tues: 99 remaining (20m HIIT workout + 10 min. AMT)

My macro breakdown over 7 days of consistently tracking was definitely off from my goals of 40/30/30 – I need to up my protein this coming week and cut the cheese!

So there you have it, my weekly weigh-in. It always feels good to keep myself accountable to this space, even if it’s only for myself. Thanks to those of you who continue to reach out to me throughout the journey!


  1. Good for you for meeting your goals, AND seeing results! I love that your daughter works out with you.

  2. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    My daughter sometimes starts a Beachbody workout with me and then exclaims “this is so easy!” Well kid, you aren’t necessarily doing it correctly and you jump in for a few minutes and then stop to color, jump in for a few minutes, then sit down and color. (eyeroll)

    I do so much better when I am tracking every day as well. Somedays it is scarier than other days…. LOL

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