WWW – Week 14, 46%

Sometimes I look at slow and steady progress and feel extremely disappointed with myself that I don’t tend to skip that extra beer or slice of cheese in order to get to my goals faster. Other times I look at my slow and steady progress and remember to rejoice that I weigh about 10# less today than I did when I started this year. Today is one of those good days! It’s so satisfying to look at that graph and realize how well I do when I take the time to keep my goals in the forefront by tracking my food and making a conscious effort to move my body more.

Starting Weight: 190.3#
Last week: 181.8#
Weight Lost: 1.2#
New Weight: 180.6#
Total Weight Lost since 1/1/2019: 9.7#
Weight Left to hit my 1st Goal of 169# on June 1: 11.6#

My protein was still too low this week, but it was 554g instead of 495g, so that too is creeping up bit by bit.

On the exercise front, I got in workouts all 7 days, plus I was walking more because the weather was nice. Sadly we are getting more snow now (and I’m headed to MN on Friday and into even more snow!), but soon spring/summer will be here for good and we can be walking & riding bikes to errands all the time!

AMT (45m + 35m + 60m + 25m + 20m)
Run (2 miles)
Skiing (2.5 hours – last day of the season!)

Enjoying a few turns with my hubby on closing day. So much fun!

So there ya go… another week, another pound down. I’m so excited to see what I’m able to accomplish before the end of 2019 in this arena!


  1. Yea! Good for you. 🙂

  2. Awesome work! And, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but you are so courageous to share your weight loss journey!

    1. Awh, thanks! You always inspire me!

  3. I’m just coming around to reading this now. Awesome work! It’s so hard to keep at this … I have fallen down pretty hard myself in the past few months. I’m getting back on track again, and so it’s good to see you are as well 🙂

    1. Great minds think alike!

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