Belly Pics (Harvey)


Week4 copy Week5_edited-1

Week6-8 copy


Weeks10-11 copy

Weeks12-13 copy

Weeks14-15 copy



Weeks20-21 copy

Weeks22-23 copy

Weeks24-25 copy

Weeks26-27 copy

Weeks28-29 copy


Weeks32-33 copy

Weeks34-35 copy

Weeks36-37 copy

Week38 copy Week39 copy

Week40 copy


  1. These are adorable!!! 🙂 What a great idea to record this pregnancy. I want to copy this when my time for #2 comes!


  2. This is such a great idea!! I love the pics, and the little notes each week! I might just have to copy this myself!! 😉


  3. This is SO cute! I might have to “steal” this, too!


  4. You seriously are just about the cutest pregnant lady ever.


    1. LOL, thanks A. 🙂


  5. Wow, these are great!!!!! BTW, I LOVE that blue and red striped shirt!!!!!


    1. Thanks! Motherhood Maternity – one of the 3 pregnancy shirts I’ve ever bothered buying. 🙂 It’s super comfy!


  6. Love these! And that you did something a little different for your boy. Do you think you’ll do the weekly pics the same? Or try a different way to measure the bebe?


    1. I was thinking of doing something a little different, but I can’t decide what!


  7. Did you try to do every month a different bra top? Is so, I think it is hilariously awesome!


    1. I meant to do wear the same one every month but screwed up on month 2. Oops. So now I alternate, because I’m crazy anal like that. 🙂


  8. Just amazing. I am just coming up to my 13 week point and am about to start letting people know. I can’t wait to blog about it like you have done. Such a beautiful memory of this time 🙂


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