Birth Preferences

Feel free to check out the links below for other posts I did on this subject in which I outlined the research I did to come to the decisions on my final birth plan below.

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I wanted the entire birth preferences doc to fit on ONE printed page and to be clear and concise. Feel free to copy any of this that you find useful!


Please note – we do NOT yet know the sex of baby S*.
Please give Daddy a chance to say the magic words once s/he is born. Thank you!!


Our goals with this plan are centered around the following wishes:

-To be allowed freedom of movement for a comfortable labor
-To avoid medications
-To allow nature to take its course, particularly avoiding inductions.
-A safe, healthy baby and mother at the end.


Requests During Labor

-This will be a HypnoBabies birth. Please assign a nurse that is partial to natural birthing.
-Externally monitor the baby if possible, and please do as seldom as possible.
-Please keep lights and voice low.
-No artificial induction (including pitocin)
-No meds offered or pain scale questions asked of me.
-If any medical interventions become necessary, I want to be fully consulted first
-If an IV is needed, please use a hep-lock.
-Please refrain from injecting anything else through the IV without consulting us first.
-Be able to walk, move, or change positions as desired during labor.
-Be allowed to eat/drink during labor. 
-No routine episiotomy.
-Minimal coached pushing.

Requests for Post Birth

-Immediate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby
-Please delay any cleaning or rubbing if baby is doing fine.
-Breastfeed asap.
-Delay cord clamping until pulsation has ceased.
-No cord traction for placenta removal. Deliver the placenta unassisted and avoid pitocin if possible.


Please delay newborn procedures for at least two hours: 

-No Antibiotic Eye Ointment
-No Hep B vaccine
-No artificial nipples (bottles/pacifiers) to be used at any time.
-No circumcision if it’s a boy.


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