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100 Day Challenge #2 – 25 Day Check-In

50/100 drinks (50%), 3,600/15,000 sit-ups (24%) So…yeah. I’m pretty sure I underestimated how much I drank this past summer, because I know I’ve cut back, and I’m still at double my goal. Oops. Though, I guess if I was estimating 3 drinks a day, I’ve consumed at least 25 drinks less in the past month than […]

100 Day Challenge #2

Um, yeah, so I meant to start this on Sunday the 16th, but since I completely freakin forgot about it, I started on Sunday the 23rd. That sets me for a December 31, 2012 completion date, which still makes the anal type-A side of me happy. My 1st challenge had to do with moving my body. My 2nd […]

100 Day Challenge #1 – Completed!

My goal is to do some form of exercise every day for 100 days. Some days it might only be a 10 minute walk with Stella, some days it might be a run or a hike or a yoga class, but no matter what, every day I want to get back in the habit of […]