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Happy Tuesday everyone! Well, my health & fitness progress has been a bit all over the board during the first half of December. That seems to happen around the holidays, eh? 🙂 Overall I’ve been keeping up with my workouts 5/7 days at least, and I’m usually making better food & alcohol choices, so I’m going to […]


Almost 4 years ago I started my Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In (WWW) posts with my 1 week postpartum post after delivering Stella. I’ve kept up with them pretty consistently over the years, but it’s time for something new. I don’t want the focus to be only on weight, because as we all know, the scale doesn’t […]

Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese & Spinach Frittata

Since I learned about the wonder of frittatas about 6 months ago (basically a crustless quiche), we have eaten variations of frittatas in our house nearly every week – I’m not even exaggerating that claim! Harvey absolutely loved this particular recipe for a long time, so usually he and I could eat the entire pan […]