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Day 6 – A photo of someone(s) I love and something I hope to never have to do

Day 06 → a photo of someone you love. Okay, I’m cheating and making it someone(s) because Grandma and Grandpa have always been a unit in my mind. There are the most loving, amazing couple. They were married June 17, 1950 – yeah, that’s right, 60+ years ago. Can you even imagine?!   The kid […]

Day 5 – A photo that makes me laugh & something I hope to do in life.

Day 05 → a photo that makes you laugh. My husband hates dressing up for Halloween, but two years ago I talked him into it (I went as a Greek Goddess & he was a Greek God). Well, after after a few beers and shots, he really got into it. At this point, he had […]

Day 4 – A photo of a place I’d like to visit and something I need to forgive someone for

Day 04 → a photo of a place you’d like to visit. Santorini Island off the coast of Greece.  C and I wanted to visit Greece & France on our Honeymoon, but thanks to an abysmal exchange rate between the Euro and the USD at that point, it was impossible to go for as long […]

Day 3 – A photo that makes me happy & Something I have to forgive myself for

Day 03 → a photo that makes you happy. Okay…this photo is tied into part #2 unfortunately. A few weeks ago my husband unintentionally screwed up and I might have blown my fucking lid overreacted about it. It was while my parents were in town visiting, and this was the day we spent hours just […]

Day 2 – A photo of me 1+ yr ago & something I love about myself

Day 02 → a photo of yourself at least a year ago. Halloween 2006 – This seems like ages ago! Day 02 → Something you love about yourself. I love that I love people so much. It’s a downfall sometimes, but it’s nice to meet people and by default, enjoy them…at least until they do […]

Day 1 – A photo of me today & something I hate about myself

Day 01 → A photo of me today… Please excuse the no makeup/greasy hair look. I’m working nights, so I haven’t showered yet today! Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself. Phew…this is harder. I guess I’d have to say that I hate that I have problems saying no. My husband calls it my […]

30 Days…or something like that!

To steal an idea from one of my bestest blog friends, Bradshaw, I’m going to do the following two lists over the next few months. There’s no way I’ll do this in 30 days, but I think they’ll be great topic starters for posts, and it will probably help y’all to get to know a […]