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Day 16 – Photo from childhood and something I could live without. AKA, crawling out of the dark hole.

Day 16: a photo from your childhood I am the oldest of four sisters (little bro was probably an infant when this pic was taken). I cannot even imagine being a Mother to that many children. Thanks for a great childhood Mom. 🙂 Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without. My […]

CD1 – Here we go Cycle 9

Sorry about three posts in one day. It’s a rarity! Cycle 8 Stats – 30 day cycle / Ovulated CD19 / 11 day LP / 7dpo progesterone 9.1Compared to my last 4 cycles (the ones that have been fairly “normal”), those numbers are pretty good!My cycles have ranged between 30-42 days (this is my shortest since we’ve started […]

The Plan

After buying an odd mix of products yesterday (I’m still missing a couple of things that I’ll hopefully pick up tonight), I’ve decided that this is my plan for this upcoming cycle… No Clomid – Possibly FertilAid throughout (talking to acupuncturist CD4 about it) BBT temping throughout Fertility Yoga throughout Prenatal vitamins throughout Circle+Bloom Meditation Program […]

Going Above & Beyond

I absolutely love when you meet people who go above and beyond to do their job & do it well. I like it even more when it’s someone who is helping me fight this Infertility battle!! Yesterday I went for my weekly acupuncture with my awesome acupuncturist, and the first thing I see is that […]

CD1 (Cycle 4 on Clomid – 150mg)

Well, AF is definitely in town so I called my doc for a refill on my Clomid. No answer, so I left a long message on the nurse’s phone about why I thought I should maybe go to 150mg (she had recommended staying at 100 yesterday) and see if that results in a stronger ovulation. […]

I’m in love…

…with my acupuncturist. Have I said that enough times yet? I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly happy I am that I switched to this woman. I feel comfortable with her. I feel like she gets it. I feel like she knows what she’s doing and is very proactive about everything and I love that about her. […]

My Awesome Acupuncturist

Do you want the good news first or the bad news? The bad news? Yeah.  Well, I have no idea what the hell is going on with my ovulation this cycle. I was hoping to ovulate on Wednesday (assuming I was on the same schedule as last cycle – CD21 ovulation), but that definitely didn’t […]

CD15 (Cycle 3 on Clomid – 100mg)

Well, it’s been two weeks since I’ve talked TTC on this blog…those first couple of weeks of the cycle just aren’t very exciting. However, a few things I’m excited about… I made an appointment today for a new acupuncturist that specializes in women with fertility issues. She comes highly recommended from my new doc – […]

Alternative Dr. Visit Round #1

I’m a huge fan of chiropractic care, and I truly believe a lot of our ailments can be treated/prevented with regular chiropractic care instead of always going to the doc for “western” medicine.  The more I get into this TTC world, the more I learn, and because of articles like this one, I decided to check […]