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A (Surprisingly) Great Movie!

The other night I was laying in bed and completely unable to fall asleep. My hubby sleeps from 8pm-4am lately, which means I usually end up with a couple of hours to kill before I actually doze off. This is the one time in our marriage that I’ve actually really liked having a TV in our bedroom! […]

Initial Testing Costs (tentative)

Okay, I know y’all are dying to hear if I went with vaginal suppositories or a big ass needle… thanks to your recommendations (thank you!!) plus a lot of phone tag and frustrations and cost considerations, I ended up going with the default of what my nurse had already called in before the clinic closed […]

RE Initial Consult Review!

PHEW. 28 minutes. That’s all it took to start getting some answers. To feel like we’re finally moving forward. At the end of the call, we hung up our land line phones, and Charlie looked at me and said: I liked him! Seems like a really nice guy. I think it’s great he doesn’t just […]

Questions for the RE Tomorrow – Please Help!

Hi ladies!! It’s one of those days – I am freaking out about talking to the RE tomorrow (FINALLY, after 18 months!), and I just realized that I have no idea what kinds of questions I should have prepared. I laid awake last night with my mind-a-spinning, worried, excited, and realizing everything I don’t know about […]

CD1 – On to Bigger & Better (more expensive) Things

Well, I didn’t have much hope because this doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen “naturally” for us, but it’s official today – no surprise BFP just before we take the step to talk to an RE on the 26th. My temps were all over the place this past cycle. I’m not sure if that’s […]