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Baby Naming Help

Okay ladies – I need your help. We are just about at 38w, and we canNOT agree on a potential boy name for this child. We are set on the potential girl name (Stella) and even have a potential backup if needed (Vivienne, and call her Viv), but boys names have been hard for us. I […]

Peds Doc Interview Recap

Fist off, I’m officially ONE MONTH from my EDD/guess date. HFS!  I know this will be a boring post for a lot of you, but I kind of like documenting every step of this process, so here ya go. 🙂 This is the one and only peds group in the area (and by area, I’m talking […]

Baby Book Memory Lane

I got this record book in the mail today, and I promptly sat down and read the entire thing, cover to cover. The first entry reads: July 5, 1981 It’s been almost a week now that we’ve known I’m pregnant…  — and includes entries like: October 4, 1981 Last Monday – the 28th of September […]

Food for Thought (and Baby)

Yesterday a really interesting NPR article came up in my “buzz” entitled Baby’s Palate and Food Memories Shaped Before Birth.  The basic premise of the article is that we can influence the foods our children will like by altering what we eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding. At 21 weeks after conception…the growing baby gulps down […]

Mixed Emotions, but Lots of Joy

This past week has been full of mixed emotions for me. I’m in the midst of the 2ww, and being it’s the first time we’ve done an injectable IUI cycle, I actually started out fairly hopeful (though losing it fast – isn’t that always the way?).Also, two of my closest blog friends were in the […]

Blogger Baby Visit

I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not (and I’m too lazy to go back and read), but when C and I were in Denver on Tuesday to do his sp.erm freeze at CCRM, we got a chance to swing by and see Natalie and meet her new baby boy, Jack. He was just […]

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Okie dokie… I have the joy of snowboarding with cramps, but I also have the excitement of knowing that it’s CD1 – hopefully the last CD1 I’ll have for the next 40 weeks! My last cycle was incredibly weird… no definitive temp change at a time that makes any sense. No definitively positive OPK (though […]

It’s dumping snow and I swore I wouldn’t blog this morning…

…but then I opened up my reader real quick while getting ready to head up to the mountain to go snowboarding today, and lo and behold, I saw this. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Steph is one of the very first bloggie friends I had that I actually emailed/contacted in real life, and I am SO freakin happy for […]

Nella’s One-Der Fund

I’ve been following Kelle Hampton’s blog for nearly a year now, and her photos and descriptions of life with her beautiful daughters inspire me every day. Her youngest, Nella, turned one today. She has Down Syndrome. As I write this, they have raised $92,700 – with a goal of raising $100,000 for NDSS. Her original […]

So Tired…

To save myself a bunch of re-writing, I’m just going to copy/paste a bit of what I was writing Amanda this morning so you know where my head is right now. I’m a mess. A Total. Freaking. Mess.—————–…last night I had an absolute meltdown….fear, sadness, stress….everything combined from [everything]…I dunno, I’m just maxed out. My […]

Miscellaneous Mamblings

Miscellaneous thoughts from me… I’m going in on Sunday morning for a 7dpo progesterone test to see how “strong” my ovulation was this cycle. Hoping and praying it’s a lot higher than last time. I screwed up my wrist pretty badly last weekend while digging our fence out and hauling rocks. It’s now in a […]

Babies, Binges, and the Brightside

Well, this post is going to be a little all over the place because I have a lot of randomness on my mind. Also, if you’re here from IComLeavWe, please click here for my welcome post! 1) My best friend in CO had her beautiful baby girl on Friday night in an at home water […]

Baby Showers Galore

Yesterday was a hard day for me, but also a good day for me. I had two baby showers to attend (one at 11am about two hours away) and one at 4pm (about 30 minutes away), so it was a long day of being around babies, thinking about babies, talking about babies, and just trying […]

Good Times with the Inlaws

For the past week, my husband’s brother & his wife & baby have been visiting us from MN. My husband and his brother are super close (and I think I mentioned before that we were married just 20 days apart). It’s been so great to have them around. Below are a couple of pics of […]

Chick Flicks shouldn’t make you cry…

I watched Bride Wars last night. Actually, I watched half of it last night before I fell asleep and the other half this morning. I have no idea why we even had this movie in our queue, but it was the last NetFlix we had out and I wanted to get it returned before we leave on vacation […]

Cutest Nephew Ever

So, have I mentioned that my cutie-patootie nephew is coming to visit in just 13 days?? AND that he’ll be staying here for an entire week?! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to see him (and his Mom & Dad – my husband’s brother and his wife). SIL and I are going to the Twilight Eclipe moving […]