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A Generation Ago…

The other day, this happened, so Mom offered to send me the magazine that contained the picture. When I picked up the mail the other day, I was super excited to open the package, but when I opened it, I promptly started crying. Good Lord, I’m a sap. You know what made me cry? A […]

Dollars and $ense of Family Building

I got this from My Lady of the Lantern and found it to be incredibly interesting food for thought. Before TTC issues, I never realized how much financial issues could/would affect my family building choices. We are by no means out of the woods in this issue, and I have no idea what we’ll do […]

Ix-nay the ex-say*

*Mom, this may not be a post for you. 😉 So this is totally random, but PLEASE tell me that someday I’ll want to “get busy” again. My entire life I’ve had a higher drive than my partner, and for the past six years that I’ve been with my hubby, this has been no exception. […]

Kate & Will

I’ve been thinking about Kate and Will a lot lately…though I suppose that’s fairly obvious since they are Kate & Will in my mind — and not Kathryn and Prince William. 🙂 In fact, I just watched William & Kate on Lifetime the other day, and I’ve already set my DVR to record the “pre-wedding” […]

Ready? Set? Go!

Yippee!! I’m so incredibly scared excited to start my shots today! It’s CD9, which means that this morning I’m taking my 5th and final dose of 100mg Clomid and this evening I’m shooting myself up with my first day of Menopur. C’mon follies, grow! 🙂 What I’ll need to use today for the shot. 🙂  Also […]

It’s so weird to NOT be trying…

Well, after my last few random posts, I figured I should do an IF related update. That being said, there’s not a whole lot I can say when it’s our first non-TTC cycle in 19 months. I’m currently on CD18 (I usually ovulate between 19-30), and for the first time in a very long time, I […]

Denver Recap – CC.RM

Here’s a crazy rundown of our time in Denver thus far. It’s a little long-winded, but I want it written down for posterity and shit. 🙂 Friday afternoon – drive up to Denver. 350 miles later, arrive at our friend L’s house in the DTC where we set up camp for the next four days. […]

We’re All In This Together..

After 5 months of TTC (and already feeling totally lost and frustrated about this journey), I gave up the dream of saying “SURPRISE Mom & Dad – you’re going to be grandparents!” … and instead confided in my Mom about our struggles. She had no idea we were trying (or having troubles), and I am […]

The End of an Age… or at least of my 20s

Growing up, age never really bothered me. When I hit 21, I never thought it was the last of the “good” birthdays. I was never afraid to get older. When I moved to Colorado just before my 23rd birthday, the girl who ended up being my best friend (and roommate, coworker, and copartier) was 28, […]

CD1 – On to Bigger & Better (more expensive) Things

Well, I didn’t have much hope because this doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen “naturally” for us, but it’s official today – no surprise BFP just before we take the step to talk to an RE on the 26th. My temps were all over the place this past cycle. I’m not sure if that’s […]

An IF Update, Among Other Things

Hey folks! I know I haven’t been talking much about TTC on here lately, but since we’ve been in MN for the past couple of weeks, my updates have pretty much been from my phone. I just got my computer back (added a ton of RAM and space – THANK GOODNESS, it’s so much faster)… […]

Finally, an appointment!

Thank you all so much for your words of support and ideas regarding trying to get this darn consult set up with an RE. It’s just incredibly frustrating to be 300 miles from the nearest one. No offense, but I have to laugh when I see people complaining about 20 minute drives to their RE. […]


I called my OB’s office a week and a half ago asking for a referral to an RE in Denver… and I’m still waiting for a phone call from the RE…so either the OB or the RE has dropped the ball, and that is incredibly frustrating. You’d think a potential client who wants to give […]

Let’s try this again…

Cycle 10 – 41 days. Natural Cycle – NO Clomid – just acupuncture and herbs. Ovulated CD30 – very little CM. Didn’t test prog. levels. BFN after 11 day LP.Here I sit at CD2 I can’t believe we’ve been TTC for 17 months already. I can’t believe that we’ve only had 10 chances in 17 […]

Day 28 – Photo of something that made my day & what if I were KU

Day 28 → a photo of something/somebody that made your day. After 8 days of being in AZ with a buddy, my hubby returned home today. 🙂 Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do? Ha. Yeah. Well, since as we were driving home from the airport […]

A Fresh Start – CD1

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments last night and this morning. Honestly, hearing my phone beep and getting to roll over in my bed of self-pity and read a bit of support here, a virtual hug there… it got me through the night. I only had light spotting throughout the night last night, so […]

Crying in my room

AF made her appearance an hour ago, right as all the cute kids started showing up at our door. Now I’m hiding out in my room crying and drinking a beer while my MIL and her friend oooh and awwh over all the trick-or-treaters. I HATE that this is hitting me so hard this cycle.

A Day Off

Wow… so even though I’m supposed to be working on a side bookkeeping job today, this is officially my first “free” day in ages, thanks to a great friend of mine that is doing a special guest appearance bartending for me tonight so I can have a night at home. So far I’ve slept, read […]

Quick Check-In

Hey everyone! So sorry for my silence on here lately. Bradshaw has informed me that it’s not acceptable to only do Wordless Wednesday posts, and quite a few of you have emailed to make sure (a) I’m okay, and (b) I didn’t get a BFP and am keeping quiet about it. (A) I’m fine. Just […]

CD1 – Here we go Cycle 9

Sorry about three posts in one day. It’s a rarity! Cycle 8 Stats – 30 day cycle / Ovulated CD19 / 11 day LP / 7dpo progesterone 9.1Compared to my last 4 cycles (the ones that have been fairly “normal”), those numbers are pretty good!My cycles have ranged between 30-42 days (this is my shortest since we’ve started […]

The Ups & Downs of a Day

I’m struggling lately with knowing what to post about. I’d love to post about the amazing Quantum Healer I spoke with on Monday evening, but it’s so bizarre and out there and hard to explain that I don’t know where to begin. I’m trying to wrap my head around putting a post together about it. […]

In the gut…

Geez. You think you’re over something, and then it punches you in the gut. On our way to the resort for our honeymoon in Jamaica (literally, on the shuttle ride there), we met an awesome couple that we ended up loving and hanging out with for the entire trip. She’s a few years younger than […]

The Plan

After buying an odd mix of products yesterday (I’m still missing a couple of things that I’ll hopefully pick up tonight), I’ve decided that this is my plan for this upcoming cycle… No Clomid – Possibly FertilAid throughout (talking to acupuncturist CD4 about it) BBT temping throughout Fertility Yoga throughout Prenatal vitamins throughout Circle+Bloom Meditation Program […]

CD2 & Rock Climbing Adventures…

Well, I woke up yesterday and my temp had dropped by a whole degree, so I knew wonderful AF was going to make an appearance. It was a bummer of a day, but luckily it was following up a pretty spectacular day, so I tried to focus on the good instead of the bad. This […]

It’s a New Day…

What does it mean that Michael Bublé seems to speak to me on so many levels? I had never heard of the man before a couple of years ago. Honestly, the first time I had heard of him was when he performed on a date night on The Bachelor(ette?). Now, I can’t get enough of […]