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Laying out the options…

Well, to keep me busy during the 2ww (I’m 11dpo today), I decided to start laying out my options for what I’m going to do if it’s another BFN. So far my temps are staying up, but I have ZERO symptoms, so I dunno…completely not feeling optimistic about this cycle. Below shows my temps so […]

7dpo Results Are (Finally) In!

How to get your easy peasy blood test results that you’re super anxious to hear about in one 18 million easy step steps.Sunday7:00 – I sleepily go to the hospital lab through the ER entrance to get the 7dpo progesterone level test done. Easy peasy – in and out in 20 minutes. Trying not to […]

Abusive Relationships

Before you read any farther, please read this post by Amy over at Chapters. It will make everything I write in this post make more sense. I started following this blog just a couple of weeks ago thanks to blog surfing and finding her “Curl Down Vlog.” It got me hooked because she posts about […]

Role Reversal

I gave my exhausted husband a back rub last night with the sole intent of hopefully turning it into more. Who knew that Infertility would cause our normal roles to reverse so often? 🙂

Erratic Everything

Okay, I have NO IDEA what’s going on with my body this cycle. My last couple charts were looking better, but this one is all over the place. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been consistently temping either though. Days 2-5 I didn’t temp b/c my thermometer was broken so I had to buy a […]

The High Cost of TTC

Okay, I’m in a slightly better frame of mind today about this whole TTC mess, but I just wanted to expound a bit on my frustration with feeling like I’m going to drive my husband and I crazy while trying to pay the daily bills AND pay to hopefully have a child. I am an IF […]


It’s not that I’ve exactly given up hope, but I realized today that I’ve given up the expectation that I’ll ever see two lines on the damn pee stick. I don’t know if this is hitting me because I’m officially labeled “Infertile” now that it’s been over a year or what… but it’s weird to […]

I’m a Winner! (again?!)

Wow, I NEVER win anything in real life, and now I’ve won my 2nd fertility themed giveaway!! Thanks PCOS Chick for the chance to try out Strong Yoga for Women’s fertility ball and a couple of their yoga DVDs. I’m so excited!!!

Drinking while TTC

I’m guessing this is a touchy subject, but just throwing it out there – how many of you did/do/will drink while TTC? If you do drink, do you only drink pre-O or do you “drink till it’s pink”?If you don’t, what made you decide not to? Doctor’s orders? Your acupuncturist? Personal beliefs? I’m trying to […]

My First IComLeavWe Post!

This is my very first IComLeavWe, and I’m excited to meet all of you ladies!First, a little about me. My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday (yay!) and our 1 yr anniversary of deciding to try for a baby (boo!). We live in southwest Colorado in the middle of the […]

7dpo Progesterone Levels Question

Hey TTC Ladies – I have a question for y’all… My Ob/Gyn’s nurse finally called with the progesterone test results – 8.8.  She says “That’s great news – it means you’re definitely ovulating!” … but then proceeds with “are you on 50mg or 100mg of Clomid?” which drives me BONKERS that she hasn’t even reviewed […]

CD41 – 11dpo

Now for the post you all were actually waiting for. 🙂 Unfortunately, not much to tell so far. Tested Friday morning (8dpo) – BFN.Tested Saturday morning (9dpo) – BFN.Tested this morning with a cheapo test (11dpo) – BFN (though I’m not sure this test even detects early pregnancy, so I’m kind of putting this one […]

A Bazillion Thoughts

…wow, it’s Tuesday afternoon & there is so much I want to write, but this is all going to sit in draft hell until Saturday because even though I love that my Mom reads this blog (hi Mom!) I also don’t want her to know any of the possibilities of this until after I see […]

The Waiting Game

Well, I went in for my 7dpo progesterone draw yesterday morning at 7am. I’m super excited to hear the results, but since it apparently wasn’t done by the afternoon yesterday, I’ll have to wait until Monday b/c my OB/GYN’s office is closed on Fridays. Handy, eh? For those of you who don’t know, my progesterone […]

I’m in love…

…with my acupuncturist. Have I said that enough times yet? I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly happy I am that I switched to this woman. I feel comfortable with her. I feel like she gets it. I feel like she knows what she’s doing and is very proactive about everything and I love that about her. […]


Wow… it’s SO nice to think I might have actually ovulated this cycle! I’m going in to the hospital on Thursday morning EARLY before work to get my progesterone levels checked (they said they could have results in 24 hrs so I should know Friday), so I’m really excited for that. My temps are pretty […]

Surprise +OPK

I was just getting ready to write this post and read Kelly’s post (Little Looman Log) about the same thing happening to her this week! I love it when happy surprises happen in our TTC world. 🙂 I asked this in her comments as well, but how many DPO should I get a progesterone test done to […]

My Awesome Acupuncturist

Do you want the good news first or the bad news? The bad news? Yeah.  Well, I have no idea what the hell is going on with my ovulation this cycle. I was hoping to ovulate on Wednesday (assuming I was on the same schedule as last cycle – CD21 ovulation), but that definitely didn’t […]

CD15 (Cycle 3 on Clomid – 100mg)

Well, it’s been two weeks since I’ve talked TTC on this blog…those first couple of weeks of the cycle just aren’t very exciting. However, a few things I’m excited about… I made an appointment today for a new acupuncturist that specializes in women with fertility issues. She comes highly recommended from my new doc – […]

Chick Flicks shouldn’t make you cry…

I watched Bride Wars last night. Actually, I watched half of it last night before I fell asleep and the other half this morning. I have no idea why we even had this movie in our queue, but it was the last NetFlix we had out and I wanted to get it returned before we leave on vacation […]

Disheartening Deadlines

Here’s my new goal… no more setting myself up for sadness and frustration and disappointment. When we first started TTC, I was thinking we’d have an April baby. April/May are generally slower times for me at work, so I figured that’d be perfect, plus I wouldn’t be hugely pregnant in the hot summer months. Perfect plan. […]

Emotional Havoc

I just got off the phone with my Doctor’s nurse. She told me that they want to keep me on 100mg of Clomid this cycle (which I had already assumed) and that he did not want to put me on any sort of progesterone supplement. He normally prescribes that for 9-10 day LPs, and since […]

CD1 (Cycle 3 on Clomid – 100mg)

Well, good ole’ AF just made an appearance, so this is officially CD1. That puts my last cycle at 33 days – ovulation on CD22, so only an 11 day LP. I have a call in to the doctor’s office to see if they will put me on a progesterone cream or something to try […]

Side Effects

To my TTC ladies, did any of you experience extereme hypersensitivity to the sun while on Clomid? I went on an awesome hike yesterday, but again, I FRIED. Both times I’ve spent days in the sun, I have fried. This is not normal for me. Am I frying b/c I’m a whitey right now, or do […]

Maternity Leave Inequality

Dooce wrote a great post today about small businesses & maternity leave in the US (or lack thereof) and it really got me thinking about my own situation again. Check out these comparison numbers (courtesy of Wikipedia) for where my sister is currently living (Norway) compared to the US where my husband and I both work for […]