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To Cut or Not to Cut

When I was pregnant with Stella, we didn’t find of if she was a boy or a girl, and though the topic of circumcision was brought up briefly, I pretty much let it slide because I always felt like she was a girl, and I was banking on Charlie bending to my wishes if she […]

Birth Preferences – Revised

Like I mentioned yesterday, my midwife (CNM) and I went through everything below, step by step, and she had a lot of incredibly positive feedback for me. Shawna told me that honestly, if she is my midwife, I wouldn’t even need to bring this because it’s exactly how she prefers to see births proceed. She […]

A Birth Plan – Proactive or Irresponsible?

I started writing this post as a preface to my next post revision of my birth preferences letter, but I’m so freakin’ annoyed today that I decided to just put it all out there separately and get it off my chest. It feels better anyway to keep my birth preferences posts happy and positive because […]

Birth Preferences…Revision 1

I’m sure this will keep evolving, but for those who are interested (and for my own records), here is the first revision of my thoughts! ————————– FYI for my readers, this will be a hospital birth, but that birth will be attended by my midwife – not an OB – unless an emergency c-section is necessary. My […]

Birth Preferences (1st draft!)

I loved Oak’s birth preferences letter here, so I’m going to be stealing much of it, some of it word for word. Thanks! 🙂 I’m not at the point of being ready to write that letter in a cohesive manner, so in the meantime, here are the basic points that I’m trying to organize in […]