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Internet Friends

Last summer when I ran that half-marathon with 3 other blog friends, we were talking during our walk home from breakfast the final morning about how cool it is that internet friends have become “real life” friends for so many of us. I truly mean it when I say that the friendships I have made […]

Day 23, #NaBloPoMo – Passports Required

One of the (many) things we talked about at my therapy session yesterday was my love of travel and how that topic has now become a source of sadness and frustration for me instead of sparking joy. I resolved then and there to change that aspect of my life. An hour after that appointment I saw […]

I Did It! WE Did It!

DANG you guys. Last weekend I ran 13.1 miles (or per my app, 13.48). My goal was to do it in 2 hours and 20 minutes. I realized pretty quickly that my app was off by a bit (and every mile it got off a little more), so that was pretty frustrating. I took a […]

Summer Nights & Holiday Weekends

The Fourth of July weekend was long and short, tiring and awesome. One of my ALI blog friends came with her three kids to visit (so much fun!) from Thursday-Saturday, and my in-laws and their kids were still in town until Sunday morning, so the first couple of days were filled with lots of running […]

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I haven’t received (or done!) a blogging award in over a year, and since I really enjoy learning random facts about my fellow bloggers & I’m guessing most of you feel the same way, I’m excited that Lauren nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award in order to motivate me to write another […]

Wordless Wednesday – Invaluable Generosity

…200 ounces worth!

The Monday Snapshot – Vacation Edition

I have so many fun pics to share from our trip to St. Louis (though not ONE with just me and the bride that’s not in the photo booth – *sad face*), but for now I’ll just leave you with this: It was a FANTASTIC, fun, super awesome, perfect weather, delicious food, cold beer, lots of […]

A Catch Up Post

It’s so interesting that I feel absent or lacking if I go more than a few days without posting here. I suppose some day I won’t feel as connected to this space, but for now, I need it & I miss it. I’m still reading every day (albeit not commenting as much as I’d like […]

A Break from Real Life

I have SO much to say and to catch up on, but I basically haven’t touched a computer in the last week, and I have to say it’s been SO NICE. I miss y’all tons, but the disconnecting from everything has been pretty great too. Lots of quality time has been spent with family, old friends, […]

The Problem with the Vocal Minority

Some friends and I were talking the other day, and the topic of the vocal minority came up in our conversation. You know the ones – the few who talk a lot of shit and shut down all other perspectives. I then started thinking about this concept in relation to my place in the infertility community and the […]

Photo Comparison #75819502 :)

Carlia over at Nest Building 101 (formerly The Stork Drop Zone) sent me this onesie when a bunch of my blog friends gave me a “virtual baby shower” while I was pregnant with Stella. I snapped a picture of Stella in it to say thank you, and the other day I snapped a picture of Harvey […]

The Importance of That One Day

Today is the 15th. That means that Jaime died one month ago today. That’s one entire month without my sister-in-law in my life. and one entire month that I cannot believe has passed already. I don’t know if I’m in the denial stage of grief or what, but it honestly does not feel real that Jaime […]

Awards Season…aka A Bunch of Rambling

Well, here I am sitting at work today being extremely unproductive (sorry boss) because I have holidayitis today thanks to knowing that as of 5:30pm I’m off until next Monday! It just occurred to me that I was nominated for two different blog awards in the past couple of weeks, and they would be the perfect […]

The Monday Snapshot – Blog Friends Edition

I woke up this morning to a dreary, cold, snowy day. Stella has a horrid cough and running nose, and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle in bed with her all day and stay away from the world. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option, so off we went to our normal days of daycare + […]

Why Do I Blog?

As Sarah mentioned in her intro to this month’s PAIL Monthly Theme, usually blogging about blogging is something I try to avoid, because it can be pretty boring and redundant. However, the question of WHY DO I BLOG? is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, so here goes nothing! Did you start blogging before, during, or […]

Setting the Bar Higher

After posting yesterday about my birth plans for baby #2, there were a couple of great spin off posts written in the community regarding birth experiences and the different expectations that women have for how they hope their birthing times will unfold. Honestly, it was hard for me to read through the comments without getting […]

Pocket Change

$467.52 Last week we made a trip to the local bank and found out that’s how much change we had in our jar that we put our pocket change into at the end of each day. This jar is always earmarked as “vacation money,” so even when times are super tight (like now), I refuse […]

Traveling and Prayers

Sorry for the lack of posting lately – life has been insane, and it’s all I can do to keep up with reading and commenting here and there from my phone! I just got everything packed for our Minnesota trip for my sister’s wedding (which starts tomorrow at 6am and we’ll be gone for 1o […]

What a Year

A lot of my bloggy friends did a 2012 recap post yesterday, and though I’m a day late, I thought it’d be a fun way  to recap my favorite posts from the past year. Boy was it interesting to me to read back through my year and reminisce about how much has changed! I blabbed […]

The Monday Snapshot – URL to IRL Edition

A couple of weeks ago a few of my blogger friends were on Twitter at the same time, and it got mentioned that No Baby Ruth would be stateside in Chicago for a week. After a flurry of people saying “let’s get together!” – an impromptu blogger meetup was scheduled. Three of the ladies live in the […]

A Tribute to TBD

TBD, I’ve only known your Mom for about six months, but boy, I already know that you are lucky to have her as your incubator. *see graphic above for a pretty great representation of what the two of you look like right now* See – you two fit perfectly together! Your presence may have been a […]

Obsessed with Babies

The PAIL Monthly Theme Post topic for October is “Obsessed with Babies.” Chandra posted some great topic starter ideas in her post on this last week – feel free to join in on the blog hop this month by writing your own post and submitting it with the form on this page!  Has infertility caused […]

Organization in the Google Reader

Because I am an incredibly interesting person with lots of great things going on IRL (hahaha), I spent a good chunk of my time over the past two days getting my Google Reader organized. I follow hundreds of blogs (ridiculous, I know), and I was getting overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything. I finally […]

Support for Mrs. H

Okay ladies – my friend Mrs. H needs your support and words of encouragement! She is currently 21w pregnant with a little girl, and the doctors put her on bed rest and gave her an emergency cerclage yesterday because her cervix has shortened to 2.6. Sadly, she already has one angel baby in heaven (Chrsitine) […]

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Hey little man – you are two years old today – how cool is that?! I’ve been watching you grow up over the past year, and it’s pretty awesome to see how much your parents love you and how every day you are a blessing in their lives. I know that you might not get as many years […]