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Day 18, #NaBloPoMo – Emojis

Emojis… love them or hate them, you’re hiding under a rock with your flip phone if you don’t know what they are at this point! Stella LOVES to text lines and lines of them to her grandmothers, and I’ve been known to insert an emoji (or 5) at the end of my messages pretty routinely […]

A Much Needed Lift

Well, it’s official. My once perky 36Cs are not quite the same after two pregnancies and two nursing babies. Now they’re actually pretty sad and flat and droopy and…yep. You get the picture. Last Sunday I got a rare morning to run errands without the kids, and I decided to swing into JCPenny’s to pick up […]

My Second EBF Child: It Takes a Village

Would you accept donated breast milk from another nursing mama? To take that a step further, would you allow your baby to literally nurse at another’s woman’s breast? After having two very different EBF (Exclusive Breastfeeding) nursing experiences with my children, I’ve now been the mother on both the donating and receiving end of frozen breast […]

Recycling My Breast Pump

Like many of my friends, I have a love/hate relationship with my double electric breast pumps. As a breastfeeding Mom who had to return to work when both of my kids were 8 weeks old, it was definitely a life saver and allowed both of my kids be exclusively fed by breastmilk for their first […]

Wordless Wednesday – Invaluable Generosity

…200 ounces worth!

EBF Attempt w/Kid #2

On October 10th, I wrote a post about my Supply Issues. On October 19th my coworker gave birth, so the last day I pumped at work was on the 17th. Since then I’m pulling double duty job-wise at work (not for double pay, sadly), and there is absolutely no time for pump breaks. In a […]

Supply Issues…

Back in May I wrote this post about my pumping / milk supply experience the 2nd time around. It’s so frustrating to realize I was getting 7 ounces in two pumping sessions at work back then — and now I’m struggling to get 3. It doesn’t help that lefty has basically said adios and quit responding to […]

Pumping while Traveling sans Baby

Before we left on the trip to St. Louis last weekend, I was incredibly nervous about how the pumping aspect would go, especially when such a big portion of the (very quick) trip would be spent in very public places. I’m all about nursing in public and feel like I can do it pretty dang discreetly, but […]

8 Months

Stella snapped this photo with my DSLR tonight when we were taking a break from our monthly photo shoot pictures for Harvey’s 8 Month Post. Harvey was losing his mind and it was a bit of a shit show, so I decided to nurse him for a sec to try to calm him down. I […]

Flying with Breast Milk

When I first decided to do a girls’ trip in the middle of my larger Minnesota vacation to see family, my biggest concern was thinking about how to get enough breastmilk to MN to feed Harvey for the roughly 80 or so hours that I would be away from him. I’m leaving him with my parents on a […]

Working & Pumping, Round #2

When Stella was born, the hope was that we would be able to afford for me to stay home for awhile. Then we got realistic about our finances, and when a good job opened up in the area when she was 7 weeks old, I jumped on it, they offered me the job, and I […]

Lopsided…the Results :)

Okay, I am 100% sure I want to start making polls in my blog posts more often, because you guys definitely rock at taking them and this was so much fun to read through! My Lopsided Much? poll had 76 responses in the first 12 hours, which is pretty damn awesome of you all! I’m […]

Lopsided much?

So I’m asking for a friend for myself, but how many of you ladies have lopsided ladies? Mine were a little wonky pre-kids, but they are much more wonky now, especially when I’m nursing. BOO. In the interest of data gathering and out of pure curiosity, I’ve compiled a little 6 question survey here for y’all […]

Bottle Feeding, Then & Now

When Stella was born, we weren’t originally planning on me going back to work for awhile. Even so, I always knew I wanted Stella to be able to drink out of a bottle so that I’d have a little freedom for getting out of the house and for having a few drinks, so I started […]

selfishly feeding my child(ren)

If you’ve been around my blog for awhile, you know that I have no problem talking about my boobs. I’ve written plenty of posts about my breastfeeding & pumping experiences, and it’s my hope one of those posts has helped someone else who was in the trenches and trying to figure out how to make it […]

Nursing, the End

Written May 26th: Last week was yet another week of this pregnancy kicking my butt. By Thursday afternoon at work when my husband called to say he was sick again, I knew we needed help. There was just no way I could do another night of single parenting, so we called in for reinforcements. Nana […]

The Monday Snapshot – Lasts

We usually celebrate the firsts that our children go through, but often times we forget about the lasts. I’d guess that’s probably because we simply don’t realize that what we’re witnessing will be a last. We often don’t get to laugh the last time they use a funny made up word before figuring out how […]

BFing in Public

A friend of mine just posted this article on Facebook which led me to watch the video below. I seriously laughed out loud because it was so true. SOO so true (though it only took me about a month and not a 2nd kid to realize it was SO much easier to feed Stella without the damn […]

The Beginning of the End

Yesterday I forgot to pump when I was home on my lunch break, and I didn’t bring the pump to work as a backup. That means I went from 6am-6pm without pumping or nursing. EEK. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that big of a deal – I was planning on stopping day nursing/pumping next […]

The Monday Snapshot – Jungle Gym Edition

I adore nursing Stella, but lately I’ve become her own personal jungle gym. She literally wiggles and crawls and moves all over me while nursing, until she finally settles into a position that is usually belly down (her new favorite way of sleeping) instead of chest to chest (which she is supposed to be!). Such a […]

The Monday Snapshot – Nursing Babies Edition

This week’s memorable moment for me happened yesterday when my friend’s daughter sat down on the couch next to me. I was nursing Stella, and just like all weekend, Aurora (who will be 3 in December) asked me if I was feeding milk to baby Stella. Yes, I am! I cheerily replied. Well, Aurora then decided […]

Pumping and Breastfeeding Necessities

This is part 1 of a (who knows how many parts) series that I’m going to write regarding different “essentials” we have bought/used over the past year. When I was making my baby registry and trying to feel prepared for bringing a baby home, I scoured the internet for lists like this from real Moms (and […]

Baby Led Weaning…aka The End of the EBF Era

Lately, I find myself feeling incredibly conflicted and the phrase “six months old” scares the crap out of me. You see, my little girl is growing up SO quickly, and I’m just not sure if I am ready for it. For me, the first big step towards letting her grow up is related to breastfeeding. […]

Thoughts on the Beauty of the Breast

Note – this is my first time participating in the PAIL: Monthly Theme Post. Check out this link for more information!*ETA – As a background FYI for those of you here through PAIL, I have a three month old daughter, was blessed to be a 100% SAHM the first eight weeks of her life (not […]

Pumping Session #1

I started writing this post on Monday, but my computer is no longer working and our iPad doesn’t work with blogger correctly for writing posts, so my posting is going to be pretty sparse until a new computer is purchased and delivered. I feel LOST!! As you can probably tell by the picture above, I […]