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Money Money Mon-ey

This song has been running through my mind lately. Doesn’t it for everyone? Money is such a annoying problem in life… the problem is always there, even when the money is not, and I feel like IF issues just exacerbate or highlight this. So many of us spends hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands…just […]

Post IUI#1 Misc. Thoughts

~I’m afraid to sneeze…and I know that’s ridiculous.~I’m afraid to pee…and I know that’s ridiculous too.~I’m grateful that they told me about 100 times how awesome DH’s sample was.Above and beyond. Excellent. Really impressive. All terms they used when going over the thaw results. I’m pulling these numbers from my head so they might be slightly off, but […]

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Okie dokie… I have the joy of snowboarding with cramps, but I also have the excitement of knowing that it’s CD1 – hopefully the last CD1 I’ll have for the next 40 weeks! My last cycle was incredibly weird… no definitive temp change at a time that makes any sense. No definitively positive OPK (though […]

A Recap of Costs, Results & Plans

(I’m going to update this later once we get all of the bills in, just for my records, but I wanted to get it out there).$97.52  = 2 hr glucose tolerance test + lipid panel – Passed! (This means I’m going to be on gonadotropins instead of metformin.) $500 = Day 3 Bloodwork ($115 for 1st three […]

Denver Recap – CC.RM

Here’s a crazy rundown of our time in Denver thus far. It’s a little long-winded, but I want it written down for posterity and shit. 🙂 Friday afternoon – drive up to Denver. 350 miles later, arrive at our friend L’s house in the DTC where we set up camp for the next four days. […]

Quick Update from Denver

Hey everyone! So the hubby and I are in Denver getting ready for our first CC.RM appointment tomorrow! After stopping my 10th day of prometrium on Sunday, I was hoping to get AF on Monday (so that I could just meet Charlie in Denver on his way back through from work in ND and save […]

RE Initial Consult Review!

PHEW. 28 minutes. That’s all it took to start getting some answers. To feel like we’re finally moving forward. At the end of the call, we hung up our land line phones, and Charlie looked at me and said: I liked him! Seems like a really nice guy. I think it’s great he doesn’t just […]

Questions for the RE Tomorrow – Please Help!

Hi ladies!! It’s one of those days – I am freaking out about talking to the RE tomorrow (FINALLY, after 18 months!), and I just realized that I have no idea what kinds of questions I should have prepared. I laid awake last night with my mind-a-spinning, worried, excited, and realizing everything I don’t know about […]

CC.RM Success Story

Yay!!! I am so excited right now. Auntie Em (whose blog I talked about here b/c it’s an amazing source of info about CC.RM) just got her first beta back – 278!! I can’t wait until I can add myself as a CC.RM success story!

Great CC.RM Blog – with Links

Wow…Thanks to Amanda who send me the link, I spent the last few hours reading through My CC.RM IVF Journey. “Auntie Em” is currently pupo (6dp5dt) after cycling at CC.RM, and her blog is a wealth of knowledge about CC.RM and Dr. Sur.rey. She documented protocols, clinic photos, costs, everything. She also has links to others […]