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Saturday, March 19th was a good day!

At 2am, my little brother (who has been here snowboarding for the past 6 days) and his college roommate took off for home – and 18 hrs later, texted that they’d made it safely home in record time. It was so great to have him here all week!!  Then we Skyped with our adorable nephew […]

7dpo Results Are (Finally) In!

How to get your easy peasy blood test results that you’re super anxious to hear about in one 18 million easy step steps.Sunday7:00 – I sleepily go to the hospital lab through the ER entrance to get the 7dpo progesterone level test done. Easy peasy – in and out in 20 minutes. Trying not to […]

CD1 (Cycle 4 on Clomid – 150mg)

Well, AF is definitely in town so I called my doc for a refill on my Clomid. No answer, so I left a long message on the nurse’s phone about why I thought I should maybe go to 150mg (she had recommended staying at 100 yesterday) and see if that results in a stronger ovulation. […]

My First IComLeavWe Post!

This is my very first IComLeavWe, and I’m excited to meet all of you ladies!First, a little about me. My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday (yay!) and our 1 yr anniversary of deciding to try for a baby (boo!). We live in southwest Colorado in the middle of the […]

7dpo Progesterone Levels Question

Hey TTC Ladies – I have a question for y’all… My Ob/Gyn’s nurse finally called with the progesterone test results – 8.8.  She says “That’s great news – it means you’re definitely ovulating!” … but then proceeds with “are you on 50mg or 100mg of Clomid?” which drives me BONKERS that she hasn’t even reviewed […]

Surprise +OPK

I was just getting ready to write this post and read Kelly’s post (Little Looman Log) about the same thing happening to her this week! I love it when happy surprises happen in our TTC world. 🙂 I asked this in her comments as well, but how many DPO should I get a progesterone test done to […]

CD1 (Cycle 3 on Clomid – 100mg)

Well, good ole’ AF just made an appearance, so this is officially CD1. That puts my last cycle at 33 days – ovulation on CD22, so only an 11 day LP. I have a call in to the doctor’s office to see if they will put me on a progesterone cream or something to try […]

Cycle 2 (100mg Clomid) Update – CD14

Well, my last post about cycle #1 (50mg Clomid) was written before I left for Norway, and then those last few hours I ended up being on a rollercoaster of emotion… hoping & praying that THIS was the cycle…and then thinking that even if I didn’t get the BFP I want so badly, hoping & praying […]

Crazy Eyes…Clomid Cycle #1

Okay, NOW do you believe me when I say I’m crazy? This is me at about 6am with greasy bedhead and no makeup on (yes, I know, no birth control + stress = AWFUL COMPLEXION right now), but still super freakin excited to be starting my first round of Clomid. I took this picture on 03/12/10 (CD5) […]