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Food for Thought (and Baby)

Yesterday a really interesting NPR article came up in my “buzz” entitled Baby’s Palate and Food Memories Shaped Before Birth.  The basic premise of the article is that we can influence the foods our children will like by altering what we eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding. At 21 weeks after conception…the growing baby gulps down […]

Menu for the Week… Take #1

Like Canis Majoris said in her post, my breakfasts & lunches are pretty boring (read: routine, healthy, don’t take much thought) so I’m not going to designate what days I eat what. Breakfast is always my fav omelet in the whole wide world (2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 oz. feta or goat cheese, […]

Cleaning Out the Fridge = What Being Type A is All About??

So the other day I was emailing with Kim from Kim’s Kitchen Sink because she had recommended an awesome new food blog for me to check out (Le Petit Pierogi) and I was telling her that I have recently figured out that I actually like cooking, though I’m so crazy anal Type A about it that […]

Going Above & Beyond

I absolutely love when you meet people who go above and beyond to do their job & do it well. I like it even more when it’s someone who is helping me fight this Infertility battle!! Yesterday I went for my weekly acupuncture with my awesome acupuncturist, and the first thing I see is that […]