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The Monday Snapshot – Brother Edition

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it on here, but almost four years ago, my little brother moved from Minnesota to Colorado to the little town I live in. He’s 9.5 years younger than me (the baby of the family – we have 3 sisters between us in age), but we’ve always been close, […]

Summer Nights & Holiday Weekends

The Fourth of July weekend was long and short, tiring and awesome. One of my ALI blog friends came with her three kids to visit (so much fun!) from Thursday-Saturday, and my in-laws and their kids were still in town until Sunday morning, so the first couple of days were filled with lots of running […]

They’re Always With Us

Last night we went up to my in-laws’ house for dinner, and after a really nice meal together, we got together for a quick family selfie. It’s always bittersweet to take group photos that don’t include Jaime, but we have all realized that you never know when it will be your last chance to take […]

Microblog Monday: Cousins

Last weekend was my in-law’s annual BBQ that is always held the weekend right around Jaime’s birthday. Charlie’s brother and his wife and their 3 kids drove in from Minnesota, and Charlie’s cousin (who has always lived in St. Louis but who recently moved to Colorado) made the 6 hour trek down to our house […]

An Auntie Again

My little sister is a MOM. Oh man, I can’t tell you how weird that is! I’m the oldest of 5 kids, and though I’ve made that transition to motherhood over the last four years, none of them had yet, so in my mind they are all still “kids” if that makes sense. Kids that […]

The Monday Snapshot – Family Edition

This Saturday marks what would have been Jaime’s 29th birthday. Okay, I just freaked out and double checked my numbers because it seems crazy to think she would have been that old since she was 27 when she died. Weird. At any rate, Charlie’s brother and his wife and kids drove in from MN for […]

Stella Times…33 Weeks

Hi honey!  This has been a slightly better week than last week. You aren’t sleeping perfect, but you are sleeping SO much better than you were a week ago. I’m not sure if it’s because of changes I’ve made or because you’re feeling better or some combination of the two, but I am so thankful that […]