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On Being Incompetent – Just a Little Bit

I mentioned in my post here that the last minute trip back home for my grandmother’s funeral two weeks ago was the longest amount of time I have ever been away from my daughter (4 days/3 nights). When she was 9 months old, I spent one night away from her upon the insistence of my MIL and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Daddy’s Boy Edition

It’s been so much fun to see the relationship start to develop between Charlie and Harvey. <3 my boys.

The Monday Snapshot – Labor Day Weekend

The holiday weekend is far from over, and we have big plans for the parade this morning and the rodeo this afternoon, but so far I think Stella has been loving spending the long weekend with us! ***** This is part of a weekly feature called The Monday Snapshot over at PAIL. Click here to join in and learn […]

Wordless Wednesday – 1st Pain au Chocolat Edition

The Monday Snapshot – Father’s Day

Well, Stella wasn’t in the mood for pictures yesterday, but here is the best shot we got of Stella with her father and grandfathers (my Dad was here from MN and Charlie’s Dad lives about 15 minutes from us in Colorado). It was so great to have everyone together! ETA – Charlie told me last night […]

The Monday Snapshot – Bobblehead Edition

Yesterday Charlie was in our guest room office trying to work on a bid, and Stella wanted nothing more than to go in and hang out with him. He finally took a quick break, and she was extremely excited to hang out on his lap and check out his Jim Edmonds bobble head doll that […]

The Monday Snapshot – Smartie Pants Edition

Stella is definitely starting to remember routines and put together cause and effect more and more, and it’s pretty amazing to see it extend into her movements lately. For example, when she is locked in a room with me and wants to get out, she crawls over to the door and bangs on it…and when […]