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The Puking Kid

You know that time that you gave your kid cottage cheese and milk for breakfast, even though you KNEW it was a bad idea, just because she asked for it and you didn’t feel like arguing about it? Yeah, and then she puked it all over the counter and cried? That was my morning. **** […]

An Unintended Benefit of Hiring a Nanny?

A CLEAN HOUSE! Something about having an outsider in your house 4 days/week makes you keep things more organized – I make the bed first thing in the morning, put away my shoes and Charlie’s dirty laundry, and just do general straightening up around the house. Between that and the fact that M does “light cleaning” […]

The End of [the Daycare] Era

Well, never say never, but I’m pretty sure that Friday was Stella & Harvey’s final day at daycare! About 6 months ago I wrote a bit about my frustrations with the way our licensed home daycare provider had drastically changed the environment in her home by deciding to home school her 8 and 11 year […]

Daycare vs Homeschooling

Okay bloggie friends, your advice is needed! I am NOT happy right now, but I’m trying to stay calm and not overreact. I’m curious what y’all think. We currently send Stella to a licensed in-home daycare 3 days / week (+ Nana watches her one day and I’m home on Fridays). This is the only licensed […]

Through Sickness & Health

As most of you are aware,  2 days/week Stella goes to an at-home daycare about three minutes from home with just a couple of other toddlers. For the most part, we absolutely LOVE this place and the provider and the kids, though the down side is that if the provider’s own children are home sick, the […]