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Last night was a rough night for me. This coming Sunday marks the one year anniversary of that awful day we lost Jaime, and emotions are running high in our family right now. This is what I wrote late last night as I sobbed in the dark, long after my husband and children were asleep in their […]

The Monday Snapshot – Letters from Heaven

Last Monday morning, my Grandpa died. This Monday morning, I checked my mail and saw a letter from my Grandpa, postmarked the day he died. You see, every year my Grandpa liked to give each of the 12 grandkids a Christmas card with our names written on the front of it and some cash in it, and […]

The Monday Snapshot – On Continuing Grief

This morning my Mom called me at 6:27am. It’s never a good thing when my Mom calls me, no matter what time of day it is, because my Mom only calls if someone I love has died. I love my Mom, and I call her nearly every day, but I sure don’t like seeing her […]

On Grief: From a Different Perspective

My family started 2014 full of so much excitement and joy. Harvey was born on January 12th, and we just knew it was going to be a great year. It was a great year. However, it was also a year of great loss. Just to name the three deaths that were closest to me: The next […]


For 284 days, Harvey grew into a strong, healthy little boy inside my belly. For 284 days, Harvey has now been living & breathing & growing on the outside of my belly as the perfect addition to our little family. ***** I had intended to write a big post today reminiscing about our amazing home birth experience, but […]

Forever Young – The 27 Club

Have you ever heard of the 27 Club? Jaime and I used to talk about how crazy it was that so many amazing musicians died at age 27. It just occurred to me today, on what would have been Jaime’s 28th birthday, that she ended up part of that damn club. From my FIL/MIL’s Facebook […]

4 in 5, and Grandma is Gone

Today marks 5 months since little Harvey was born into my arms in the temporary pool we had set up in our guest bedroom. That was such a fantastic, wonderful day, and yet I mourn how much of the first 5 months of his life I’ve spent crying. It doesn’t feel fair to my family, […]