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Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Courtney wrote a great post yesterday about how Everything is Temporary. She talked about her laid back parenting philosophy, and I’d have to say that I have somehow ended up the same way. I’m not an especially laid back person in general, but in parenting? Meh. We pretty much roll with the punches in our […]

The Monday Snapshot – A Girl & Her Dog

I realize that between my family blog and this blog I’ve been posting a lot of dog pictures lately, but it’s a pretty accurate reflection of life around here. Stella is obsessed with throwing the ball for Chief, so every night after work, we end up in the back yard for awhile while she throws the […]


I woke up this morning all set to do my WWW post. I didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain. Basically, I got what I deserved since I only tracked my food for half the days. It was an okay week. Then…my Mom called. I hate when my Mom calls, because even though we talk nearly every […]