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Being a Mom CAN Mean Putting Yourself First

You’ll never again hear me blame the state of my body & health on my pregnancies, because whether you gestated the child yourself or became a parent through adoption, I’ve realized that parenting is a serious time suck (in the best of ways of course) and the effect of that is often that we let our own […]

Late Season Walks

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard for me to motivate to take the kids on long walks when it’s cold out. I live in the middle of the mountains in Colorado at about 7,000′ elevation, and usually when it snows here, it really snows. Getting that bundled up to struggle to push a double stroller through […]

The Monday Snapshot – Photo Books & Long Walks

So I finally got motivated to catch up on my photo albums, and the 2011 Yearbook is done! I might do a couple of last minute tweaks before printing (I’m not a huge fan of the cover photo for instance), but for the most part, it’s ready to print, which is a HUGE relief for me. […]