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Faith & Finances

For the past six months or so, Charlie and I have been making a concerted effort to get back into the habit of going to church on Sunday mornings, and honestly, it has felt really good to be back in the Faith community. Stella loves all of the music and going to Sunday School with […]

Under Pressure?

Last week I laid on my couch, relaxing deep into my first self-hypnosis session of HypnoBabies for this pregnancy, and I was suddenly struck by this feeling of being under pressure. It’s an odd feeling, because I felt so calm & confident going into my first birth, and I had such a good experience… but now […]

Miracles are Meant to Happen

My world has been filled with scads of good reproductive news lately from friends and family who have struggled with the ALI journey, and it’a making me burst at the seams with optimism and hope. It’s not all of my news to share yet, and there is lots of praying going on in my life, […]

Looking Back…

As most of you are aware, I’m one of the main contributors over at PAIL (Pregnant and/or Parenting through Adoption/Infertility/Loss), and we are currently celebrating our 1 year anniversary of being at our PAIL Bloggers location. For the June Monthly Theme Post, we asked people to weigh in on their journeys and give us a snapshot of […]

Blessings Abound

On Sunday morning I handed Charlie a pee covered stick as he stepped out of the shower and said: So this happened this morning… I’m just 4 weeks along today, with an EDD of January 8, 2014. We are basically existing in a state of shock and gratitude over here right now. God is good.

Emotions Running High on the Pale Blue Dot

Three years ago today, I wrote this post about us all living on the pale blue dot. Watch the video; you’ll be happy you did. It’s an exercise in reality to read back through that post now – time really does keep moving on, and all of the stress we continually put on ourselves – it’s […]

The Monday Snapshot – Easter Throwback

  What an awesome Easter holiday – all about church and family, and not so much about consumerism and the Easter Bunny. We actually meant to do the egg hunt for the fun of it, but she was napping, and you know there is no way I was going to wake a sleeping baby.  So much […]

Grief & Faith

I write this with a pounding headache from crying for hours last night. After vacillating all day about it, about 10 minutes to six I decided it was important for me to go to the memorial service, both to show support for the family and for me to face my own fears. It was horrible…and beautiful. I […]

Prayers Please

I know that not everyone is a religious person, but I am, and I am praying that everyone can send Elizabeth @ Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails the prayers and support that she and her family need right now. Her beautiful son Grayson was just diagnosed with Leigh’s Disease, which is fatal. He is […]

Stella Times…Week 14

My Lovely, Active Little Girl, You are changing so much, every single week. I can hardly believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! You are just starting to give us a little giggle here and there, and we absolutely love it. The biggest thing that happened this past week was that you took your […]

Stella’s Baptismal Gown

As you read this, we are in MN for Stella’s baptism! I was raised ELCA Lutheran, a faith which believes in infant baptism followed by elective confirmation as a young adult when you want to reaffirm your faith. Her baptism is happening in my hometown church where my parents and much of my extended family […]

The End of an Era

We just got the phone call that we’ve been waiting on for the past week (or in all honesty, for the past few years). Charlie’s Grannie Annie is gone to Heaven, and though we’re happy for her, we’re sad for us. :*( She was a spitfire. A character. An eccentric, self-centered hoot. She called me […]

Merry Christmas to All! (my 500th post!)

One year ago today, Charlie and I were in Minnesota visiting family and timing our return trip to Colorado to coincide with our first RE appointment in Denver. It was a great trip to visit family and friends, but sadly, the underlying frustrations of ongoing unemployment and infertility worries weighed heavily on our hearts, our […]

All in the Family

I just had to post a quick link to my cousin’s blog. She and her husband are in the midst of a month-long trip to Kenya where she is working at the Tenwek Hospital (just outside Bomet). She is in her final year of residency (OB specialty) and her hubby is a water guy (I […]

A Blessed Day

04/12/11 – A Skype webcam photo of us the day we found out we were going to be parents… 🙂  1st beta 4/14/11 – 156!!Our little Rock Star. 🙂 progesterone level – 33.8 Yes, I’m that person who posted a pic of something I peed on. In my defense, it’s never bothered me when others did. […]


This poem has come up from time to time in my life, and today my sister posted it on her FB wall. I thought it was the perfect complement to where my head needs to be at this point…  — written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s —Not “Found in Old St. Paul’s Church”! — see […]

Nella’s One-Der Fund

I’ve been following Kelle Hampton’s blog for nearly a year now, and her photos and descriptions of life with her beautiful daughters inspire me every day. Her youngest, Nella, turned one today. She has Down Syndrome. As I write this, they have raised $92,700 – with a goal of raising $100,000 for NDSS. Her original […]

A Reminder From My Childhood…

My husband and I just spent three weeks in MN visiting family and friends since we’re unemployed, and while I was going through everything that I had left in my parent’s basement since childhood, I came across a piece of paper that I had taped to my wall for years. I don’t even remember who […]

Day 19 – Photo that makes me laugh & what I think of religion/politics

Day 19 → a photo that makes you laugh. While playing shuffleboard at our buddy’s house last night, C decided he needed to wear that hat. LMAO. Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?Sheesh. Heavy question. I could write volumes on this, but to put it […]

Joyful and Confident Hope

DH and I had dinner with the in-laws last night at their place, and in their bathroom (random, yes) his Mom always has this book called “N.ew D.ay N.ew Y.ou” by Jo.yce Me.yer as reading material. I decided to flip to the day’s lesson, and it struck me as something I sorely needed a reminder […]

God is Good

Check out this amazing post over at Bryan & Sarah’s Adoption Story. Sarah is actually a family friend from “real life” that I grew up with, and it was heartbreaking for me to find out just a couple of months ago that she too has fertility issues. She actually found out when she was 12 […]


I work at a local church a few hours every week doing their bulletins, etc. and when I was typing up the Unison Prayer today I was totally struck by how much it applied to my life. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to have more faith in God and his timeline. Covenant and […]