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Well, as long as I’m back writing in this space, I figure it shouldn’t all be about weight loss or that would get boring quickly. 😉 As I mentioned in my post on the 31st, it was our final morning in Mexico (family vacation with my husband’s family), and we had an overnight layover in […]


I posted yesterday about #Whole30, and afterwards I realized that I hadn’t posted in this space in nearly 2 months. How does that happen? For so many years I posted here at least 4-5 times a week, but as much as I miss it, I keep not making the effort to write in this space. […]

Day 23, #NaBloPoMo – Passports Required

One of the (many) things we talked about at my therapy session yesterday was my love of travel and how that topic has now become a source of sadness and frustration for me instead of sparking joy. I resolved then and there to change that aspect of my life. An hour after that appointment I saw […]

Life, Updated

I’m sure this is probably a common theme in the life of parents with small children, but DAMN you guys, daily life is so busy, and I keep thinking it will slow down but it never does. I’m slowly (very, very slowly) realizing that I simply have to figure out how to manage my life […]

Microblog Monday: Rafting Adventures

Last weekend we took the kids on their first overnight rafting/camping trip of the summer, and we had a total blast! There were a couple of overtired meltdowns and potty accidents and whining, but overall it really was a fantastic weekend with them! I even ran 10 miles before we left on Saturday morning, which […]

Harvey’s First Day on the Mountain

Well, I don’t think he’ll be ripping up the slopes yet this year, but he sure looked cute trying, even when he didn’t want his picture taken. 😉


I am a Minnesota girl, born and raised, so the Vikings will always hold a special place in my heart. Tailgating at Sunday games was always a thrill growing up, and Vikings fans are SOLID fans. That being said, I lived in Minnesota for 22 years, but I have now lived in Colorado for 11 […]

Year 2 – Coming Full Circle

2 years ago today this morning, I was giving birth to my second child in the guestroom of our home. It was perfectly awesome. This morning, I was laying in bed thinking about how sometimes the more things change, the more they remain the same. Last night, our crazy-ass-almost-2-year-old child was running around the house, […]

2015 in Quick Review

Y’all are funny, you know that? I started my Stitch Fix posts on a whim last January since I am nowhere near a style blog & truly just suck at shopping for myself, yet for the past year those posts have consistently gotten the most views and comments – and according to WordPress, my most […]

The Monday Snapshot – Rafting Edition

Man did we have a great time on Stella & Harvey’s first rafting trip! See more pics here. 

From 3 to 4

It’s so fun to see how much can change in just one year…

The Monday Snapshot – Productive Weekend Edition

We had an incredibly productive weekend, and it feels so good! Saturday was absolutely gorgeous – I’m talking one of the nicest days I’ve ever seen in Colorado in my 10 years of living here. The fall colors are just brilliant this year, and the weather has been phenomenal along with them. Since the weather was […]

Fall Colors, Then & Now

4 years ago my parents were here for a visit during the peak of fall colors, so we did a lot of driving around the area, oohing and aahing over the beautiful trees. My Mom took this picture of Charlie and I on a particularly beautiful stretch of road, and we actually ended up using […]


It’s 7pm on a Wednesday night, and our house is still full of friends and their children because of an impromptu dinner party. Harvey’s teeth are hurting him & he missed his late afternoon snooze because of the dinner party, so even though it’s an hour before bedtime, I know he needs to go to […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hikers Edition

My new hard disk arrived today so I’m hoping to get my computer back up and running on Wednesday when I have the day off, but in the meantime I’m just emailing myself a few photos from my phone to keep in touch with ppl via FB/blogging/etc. On Saturday we attempted a family hike, and […]

The Monday Snapshot – Wedding Anniversary Thoughts

Last weekend Charlie and I took a quick weekend getaway with the kiddos to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. It’s incredible to think that we decided 5 years ago (on our first anniversary) to try to start a family, struggled & worried for nearly 2 years that it would never happen, and then 3 years ago I […]

The Monday Snapshot – Hands & Hearts Full

Before we got married, our big argument was that I wanted 4 kids (I come from a family of 5 kids) and Charlie wanted 3 kids (he comes from a family of 3 kids). After all the troubles we went through to conceive Stella, we were stoked to have just one and beyond happy with 2. Then […]

The Monday Snapshot – Lazing Around

Lazing around on a warm, cold, rainy, snowy, windy, weird-weather Sunday…

The Monday Snapshot

Life around here lately: Stella and Daddy looking like the playground badasses they are… 😉 …and Mommy & Harvey (aka, Superman), cuddling on the chair and napping!

Day to Day Living, 2w5d

I’ve been struggling with coming to this space to write lately, and not necessarily because of fatigue & exhaustion. I mean… I’m tired, but I’m not that tired. I’m feeling conflicted and afraid of coming across as too “gloaty” (which I know isn’t even a word) or as having it too easy. I know that’s […]

The Best Birthday Yet

I woke up for the first time today at 1:15am after a wondrous 4 hour stretch of sleep (thanks, Harvey!). As I nursed my baby boy, I thought oh my gosh, this is exactly how and so NOT how I envisioned my life would be when I was 32. It’s continually astonishing to me lately to […]

Harvey Adam, 40w4d

Well, we are just getting ready to tuck in for the night, but the photographer we hired to take pictures at the birth just sent me this shot, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all before I got some sleep! Meet Harvey Adam – 9#5oz, 21.5″ long. The 1st contraction I timed was at […]