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We just spent the weekend out of town at the house of some good friends of ours. Both the adults and the kids had an absolute blast hanging out for a few days, but sleeping in a different place definitely has us all a bit exhausted now. At least we don’t mind the cuddles when […]

The Monday Snapshot – Pumpkin Patch Edition

…and the years, they fly by. More pictures here.

An Auntie Again

My little sister is a MOM. Oh man, I can’t tell you how weird that is! I’m the oldest of 5 kids, and though I’ve made that transition to motherhood over the last four years, none of them had yet, so in my mind they are all still “kids” if that makes sense. Kids that […]

The Monday Snapshot – Pool Time Editon

i just posted this on Instagram, but figured I should share it here as well! Vacation is so much fun. 🙂  After a crazy fun weekend with all of my siblings and extended family, only my kids and I are left at my parent’s house for the next week. My mason jar salads are prepped, my workout […]

A Party & a Book in Remembrance of Jaime

Sorry for the blog silence over here lately. As I mentioned last week, Charlie’s brother and his wife and kids were in town for 10 days, and then my parents also got to town last Thursday and just left this morning. It’s been a whirlwind, busy time with family, but SO so awesome. Needless to […]

The Monday Snapshot – Family Edition

This Saturday marks what would have been Jaime’s 29th birthday. Okay, I just freaked out and double checked my numbers because it seems crazy to think she would have been that old since she was 27 when she died. Weird. At any rate, Charlie’s brother and his wife and kids drove in from MN for […]

The Monday Snapshot – Relaxing Edition

Well, my life feels far from relaxed right now, and it’s killing me that I haven’t had time to sit down and write some proper blog posts lately, but at least I think my 24 year old brother is feeling relaxed in his new home with us for the summer. 🙂

The Monday Snapshot – Scissors Edition

Yesterday, on Mother’s Day morning, I had my brother take a quick snapshot of us before church. It’s hard to get us all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, but we got a pretty cute one. Little did I know it’d be the last one of Stella with her long hair! […]

The Monday Snapshot – April Showers Bring May Flowers

Yesterday afternoon it started raining again, and Stella begged to put on her boots so she could go splash in the puddles. Harvey followed shortly behind. 🙂 They ended up playing with the sand in the horse shoe pits – WHILE it continued to rain on them. They didn’t seem to mind! Just after they […]

Decluttering (The Guest Room Closets)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but about two weeks from now my brother is making the 1,200 mile drive from his current home in Minneapolis to our home in Colorado, and he is moving in with us for a few months! Tommy is 9 years younger than me so he was only […]

The Monday Snapshot – Easter Egg Hunting Edition

Yesterday we woke Stella with a rousing chorus of Halleluia! He is Risen! It’s Easter, Stella! Jesus died to save us all and then he rose to Heaven and lives with God (and Auntie Jaime!). She was a little confused, but thought it was cool that Jesus and Auntie Jaime were roomies. 🙂 Then we headed […]

The Monday Snapshot – Springtime Edition

The weather is finally turning beautiful here again, and Charlie has been itching to start up our evening family walks. Last night at 5:15 it was still warm enough and light enough out to take a family walk to the park and to the ice cream shoppe. I think Harvey enjoyed his first ice cream […]

The Monday Snapshot – Girls Weekend

I’m probably going to do an entire recap of this past weekend on my family blog, but suffice it to say that this past weekend was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. It was the first time I’ve done a trip with just Stella since Harvey was born, and it was SO fun to spend some quality time with […]

The Monday Snapshot – Valentine’s Day Loves

Those of you who have been around here awhile know that Charlie and I are most definitely not big on celebrating Hallmark holidays. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day – you name it, we probably don’t celebrate it with anything more than a photo. (Because you KNOW I must have a photo!) Valentine’s Day is […]

This is 3: On Going to Work & Paying the Bills

Mama comes back, she always comes back, she always comes back to get you… ♪♫ It is 7:45am, and our Nanny and Stella are singing that little ditty to Harvey as I get ready to walk out the door. He is in a serious Mommy phase lately, and he’s always kind of a wreck when […]

Adventures in Traveling

Last Wednesday afternoon when I posted this picture of Harvey and I walking into the airport, we were blissfully unaware of what the next 12 hours had in store for us. The plan was to take a quick puddle jumper flight to Denver (usually takes about 45 minutes), have a short layover there, and then take […]

The Monday Snapshot – Letters from Heaven

Last Monday morning, my Grandpa died. This Monday morning, I checked my mail and saw a letter from my Grandpa, postmarked the day he died. You see, every year my Grandpa liked to give each of the 12 grandkids a Christmas card with our names written on the front of it and some cash in it, and […]

Off to Minnesota!

I really didn’t think this was going to happen, but I laid in bed forever last night thinking about how to make it work, and I decided I didn’t want to regret not going to my Grandfather’s funeral because of work. I worked really long days the last two days trying to get as much […]

Happy 33rd Birthday to Me

Well, the past week has been pretty crappy around here, literally. Sickness and death, bickering and fatigue… you name it, we’ve been struggling with it. Today I’m really trying to stop and refocus though. I want to be thankful for sisters who tweet me pictures like this: …and for Moms who post pictures like this… …and […]

On Grief: From a Different Perspective

My family started 2014 full of so much excitement and joy. Harvey was born on January 12th, and we just knew it was going to be a great year. It was a great year. However, it was also a year of great loss. Just to name the three deaths that were closest to me: The next […]

Merry Christmas!

Growing up in a rural area of a mid-western state and attending a Lutheran Liberal Arts college, I was pretty much surrounded by ELCA Lutherans and Catholics for the first 22 years of my life. There are some differences in specific beliefs between people raised in different denominations of Christianity, but overall, most of us were coming […]

Family Togetherness

3 years ago, my parents, siblings, and their significant others all came to Colorado to see us over Christmas. Stella was just two weeks old, and it was so fantastic to have everyone here to meet her! At the time, Charlie’s parents and sister Jaime lived here near us, and his brother (along with his […]

A Tattoo is Forever

…and that’s exactly what he wanted. After Jaime died last spring, my father-in-law started talking about getting a portrait tattoo on his arm so he could have her with him wherever he went. Charlie and I were a little nervous about it, because after all, a tattoo is pretty permanent, and what if the tattoo artist […]

The Monday Snapshot – Back to Reality

From last Tuesday – Saturday, my little sis and her husband were here. They are Godparents to both of our children, and the kids absolutely love them both. It was SO much fun to have them around for the Thanksgiving holiday and to get to spend some rare quality time with them. The kids agreed. […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about detours lately. Detours come in many shapes and forms and can affect our career paths, our family building journeys, our friendships & relationships…and even our travel plans. More on the deep stuff later, but in reality, we can either get frustrated as crap by the detours life throws at us […]