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Day 9, #NaBloPoMo – Echo Chambers

I went to bed crying, and I woke up crying. I wasn’t crying because my candidate didn’t win. I was crying because of my abject fear of the man who did and my shock & disgust with the people who supported him to get him there. Honestly, never before in my life have I felt […]

Freaking the F* Out

I probably should have quit temping to avoid this, but with Stella I kept on for a few more weeks. The last two mornings my temps have been way down (almost to my coverline) and it’s making me freak out that I didn’t start the P4 supplements soon enough. Has anyone had this happen and […]

A Revisit of IT

So Miss Mac and a few of you have asked me about how IT went. IT occurred the night I wrote about it (8w post-partum). IT wasn’t awful. IT required a few drinks and a bunch of lube (I highly recommend pre-seed since you can inject it in you with their handy dandy little applicator, […]

The State of the Pink Parts and IT

So while I stress out about making other life changing decisions, let me talk about IT. 8 weeks…56 days…1,344 hours…80,640 minutes. This evening, that will be how long it’s been since my hubby and I did it.You know, IT. The thing that barely ever results in a baby thing (unless you’re a careless teenager or […]

Stop with the Paparazzi, Mom

I jest in the title, but in all seriousness, my little girl has hundreds of pictures of her first week of life thanks to me and and my Mom. I find myself in absolute awe of her – every silly little thing she does, every face she makes, every wrinkle on her finger… I “need” […]

Budgets and Hackers

I can’t say I’m a fan of either of those things, though at least the Type-A side of me gets a creepy sense of satisfaction from the columns and rows of the budget spreadsheets. The realization yesterday that I have only four weeks of work left brought about the holy shit we’d better get budgeting side […]


Probably all irrational fears, I know, but still real… I’m still not gaining weight. Who knew I’d complain about that? As of this morning I was down a bit from last Thursday again… that freaks me out, what if it’s because the baby stopped growing? I haven’t felt the baby move yet (16w5d). I know […]

14 Weeks, and a Slight Breakdown

Dear Little RockStar, This morning I had a total emotional breakdown while freaking out that we might have lost you. Thank God Daddy was there to hold my hand while I cried & hyperventilated. Please don’t ever scare me like that again. Capisci?Love, Momma Yes, I still think u/s pics are kinda creepy and alien-like, but […]