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The Monday Snapshot – Sickness Edition

This was a rough weekend. It started out well enough – hanging out as a family on Friday night after work…Stella was asleep at 8, Charlie at 8:30, me at 9. Saturday we hung out all day (well, I worked on taxes – boo), but it was a nice day, and that night we sent Stelly […]

10 Reasons

Maggie May is a woman whose blog I started following her years ago when she was struggling with endo and TTC for her daughter, Ever Elizabeth. Maggie is a poet and an artist, and I’ve continued following her throughout the years because of her beautiful, honest writing about life and relationships. Everything is just so real in her […]

In His 30s

Charlie woke up today officially “in his 30s” (as opposed to just being 30), and he said he definitely felt a little older. 🙂

And She’s Off!!!

On November 30th at 51w1d, Stella started taking a few steps at time. The first time was that morning as I tried to sneak away to shower for work. She looked over at me from her box of stuffed animals, started doing her whiny/cry, and walked right over to me. Consider my jaw dropped. 🙂 […]

The Monday Snapshot – Fall Leaves Edition

Charlie was SO excited to rake up a pile of leaves for Stella to play in this fall. I think it was pretty much a highlight of the first year of fatherhood for him, and we’re pretty sure she loved it! 🙂 He is such a great Dad. This is part of a weekly feature called The […]

Memorable Moment Monday – Holiday Weekend Edition

So it has been a long holiday weekend of being on the go, but it has been really fun for sure. Friday night we just chilled at the house, and I got to Skype with Ann  (my oldest bloggie friend) for 1.5 hours. I’ve missed you, girl!! I’m trying to figure out how to swing a quick […]

Words of Affirmation

Four years ago this month, my husband and I were married in a gorgeous ceremony on the side of the mountain, just minutes from where we now make our home. Four years ago this month, I received two copies of The Five Love Languages (one as a bridal shower gift, one as a wedding gift), and […]

Four Years

Char and I have been together since April 2005 and married since July 2008. This has been such a fun day to look back at everything that has changed in our lives over the past four years. July 19, 2008: Our Wedding Day – What an awesome day. July 19, 2009: 1st Anniversary – Camping […]

His First Father’s Day

This post is being submitted to the Monthly Theme Post on PAIL. Click here to find out how to join in! Luckily for my husband, Father’s Day never gave him negative/hard feelings while we were TTC. He was always very focused on celebrating his dad and was of the mindset of if it’s going to happen […]

Babies. I’m Surrounded.

I wrote this to my Mom on my phone last night at about 3am while pretty pissed off. To be clear, with the light of day comes some clarity, and I’m not mad anymore – just sort of incredulous/frustrated. Below, I’ve tried to tone it down a bit and explain a bit more, but geez… […]

I Have Totally Spoiled My Husband

I have had this thought bouncing around in my head for the past couple of weeks, and yesterday it finally came to a head. For what seemed like the millionth time that day, my husband was holding Stella during her happy, cooing, smiling time, and when she started crying, she got immediately handed off to […]

Our Song – Happy 7 Years, Honey!

Okay, so 3 months ago, my friend E @ ManyManyMoons did a fun post about how she and her husband met and how they chose their wedding song. I meant to do a follow up post asap, but it obviously got forgotten in my drafts. Oops. At any rate, I enjoyed reading the few that […]

Stella Times…Week 3 – Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Miss Stella, I cannot believe you are three weeks old already! Your Daddy turned 30 today, and when your Auntie Jaime called this morning and asked what you got your Dad for his birthday, he laughed and said “a poopy diaper!” Good job little one. LOL. Somehow turning 30 isn’t nearly as scary now […]


My Husband is So Damn Cute

You know that Baby Book I mentioned here? Well, I read the entire thing on Wednesday day before I headed into work from 4pm-11pm. I also left it out on the coffee table, mainly because I’m not such a great suzy-homemaker lately. Apparently my husband got home from work, picked it up, and ended up […]

He Felt RockStar Kick!

Last night I was laying on the couch watching Giuli.ana and Bill (yes, I have my reality TV addictions), and I realized that RockStar was being super active — to the point where I could actually see my belly moving a little bit! C still hadn’t seen/felt anything, so I ran upstairs, stripped to my […]

Male Nesting

**Note, I wrote this post four hours ago, and when I went to take pictures, I had to clean…and organize…and clean…and organize. I guess it was time for me to get on my duties. 🙂 Remember how I mentioned yesterday that I came home and C had randomly decided that he would clean the kitchen […]

3 Years Down… Many More to Go!

May this be the best year of our lives together yet honey!

Just Hangin’ with some Babes…

After the debacle of a day that was Friday, we finally made it to MN only an hour or so later than originally planed. Thank God United Airlines made it happen for us! On the other hand, American Airlines is going to get an earful from me. So far it has been a packed couple of […]

Handyman Hubby

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that I have a Handyman Hubby? 🙂 He didn’t have any work last week, and instead of sitting around moping about it, he decided to do some work on the house. Now I have… *New wooden back steps (to replace the old concrete step that had sunk […]

14 Weeks, and a Slight Breakdown

Dear Little RockStar, This morning I had a total emotional breakdown while freaking out that we might have lost you. Thank God Daddy was there to hold my hand while I cried & hyperventilated. Please don’t ever scare me like that again. Capisci?Love, Momma Yes, I still think u/s pics are kinda creepy and alien-like, but […]

It’s Endearing, Right?

I just had to put this question out there… This morning, my husband came bounding into the bedroom about 6am, just before he was headed to work. Over the years I’ve “trained” him well, and he always kisses me goodbye before he leaves. These days, in addition to the kiss, he brings me my morning […]

Ix-nay the ex-say*

*Mom, this may not be a post for you. 😉 So this is totally random, but PLEASE tell me that someday I’ll want to “get busy” again. My entire life I’ve had a higher drive than my partner, and for the past six years that I’ve been with my hubby, this has been no exception. […]

6w4d – Rock Star u/s #1

Hi ladies! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the encouraging words yesterday. That wait until 4pm was a killer, but I am so glad that my hubby was able to be there with me. Without further ado, we have a heartbeat!!!!Absolutely surreal. That’s all we were both thinking. My ultrasound tech is SO great, and […]


Almost two years ago when the movie Up first came out, my husband and I saw it in the theater. This is bizarre for a few reasons. (1) We have been to the theater just four times in the 6+ years we’ve been together. True Grit with my parents, Just Go with It while we were in Denver killing […]